Maximize Coverage of Your Total Addressable Market

Coverage is an AI-driven solution that improves your target market coverage by monitoring your CRM and taking action based on events relevant to prospects. We do this by sending targeted 1-to-1 emails personalized based on events relevant to prospects who are selected based on ICP, Personas, and Rules of Engagement.

Coverage is currently in beta testing mode for Salesforce customers. We are still accepting beta customers. Sign up now.

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The Problem We Solve

Quality vs. Quantity

You need to research and write 1-to-1 personalized messages ("Quality") and continually reach a large portion of your target market ("Quantity"). Generally, companies focus on either sending bulk messages that aren’t personalized or sending a few personalized messages that are time-consuming to research and draft.

Coverage helps you do both.

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Right Prospect. Right time.

Relevance-Driven Selection

Has a prospect changed jobs? Are they hiring? Have you not reached out in 90+ days? Coverage lets you define the criteria (that we call "Stories") to select your prospects based on ICP, Personas, Rules of Engagement, and events that are relevant to your prospects.

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Right Message. Right Time.

Relevance-Driven Messaging

After selecting the right prospects, Coverage will automatically draft a high quality 1-to-1 personalized message based on events that are relevant. A relevant message resonates.

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Activity Quota. Achieved.

Consistent Outreach with Less Effort

Once the right prospects are selected and the right high-quality 1-to-1 messages are drafted, it is easy for Coverage to automatically reach out to a defined number of new contacts (like 50 per day per seller).

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And, Many More Features!

Salesforce First

Coverage continuously monitors and acts on your Salesforce Accounts and Contacts.

Free Up Time

Get a day's worth of sales activities done before you come into the office. Sellers have more time for high value activities like having conversations and making sales.

Rules of Engagement in Your CRM

Coverage follows the Rules of Engagement (ROE) that you have set up. Examples: "Only go after contacts at accounts with no activity in the past 90 days" or "Follow up closed lost opportunities after 91 days since closing."

Continuous Improvement

By using data intelligence to select contacts based on the best timing to email those contacts, Coverage continuously improves the effectiveness of your sales outreach activities.

1-to-1 Personalization with Seller Autonomy

Unique personalization for each recipient as well as sender, while providing seller autonomy through thumbs up/down approval options before the message goes out.

Real Time Account and Contact Coverage Reports

Each seller sees a dashboard of how well they are covering their target accounts. As a manager, you see an overview for your whole team.

Who is Coverage for?

You need to do sales outreach, but can't reach all of your contacts in your CRM. Coverage gets to your potential customers that are gathering virtual dust but have a need for your products and services.



Account Execs and Field Reps

Coverage helps free up time for high value activities (having conversations and making sales) and ensure that reps consistently hit their target volume of activities.



Sales Development Reps (SDRs)

Coverage gives SDRs the time to do the advanced research that bots can't do and ensure that they consistently hit their target volume of activities.



Sales and Demand Gen Managers

Coverage helps managers ensure that more of a Total Addressable Market is covered using the existing reps more efficiently, without sacrificing personalization or control.



Startup Companies

Coverage automates tasks for startup companies, frees up time for high value activities (having conversations and making sales), and ensure that reps consistently hit their target volume of activities.

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