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The Top SFDC Apps You Need In Your Salesforce CRM

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As a Sales Executive, the SFDC Apps you choose can have far-reaching implications for your business, your sales reps, your customer service department, and your ability to provide the best possible customer service.

Choosing the wrong SFDC apps can make the overall integration of your sales automation software difficult and lead to inefficiencies for your sales reps. Choosing the right ones can lead to a highly motivated sales team using well-integrated tools to maximize their time and provide the sales revenues you need to grow your small business.

This list of SFDC apps integrates well and works to deliver the performance you are looking for from your sales reps.


Before they begin working in Salesforce and using any of the other SFDC apps listed here, your sales reps need training. As the world leader in Learning Management Systems with over 4 million users, Litmos “provides a full suite of training services that unifies virtual, classroom, mobile, social, and eCommerce capabilities into a single, secure, and scalable platform that can meet any organization's training needs.”

A trial version of Litmos for SFDC Apps is available from the Salesforce Apps Exchange.

Ebsta for LinkedIn

Ebsta for LinkedIn allows sales reps in small and larger businesses to view sales records right alongside LinkedIn profiles. It is a great tool for simplifying research which allows your sales team to provide better customer service leading to higher customer success.

This SFDC App allows your sales reps to manage all their sales situations by capturing accurate data directly out of LinkedIn. They can “mine business emails for high-quality prospects, log email and sales activity as it happens to . . . automate and accelerate sales.”

Click here for a demo of Ebsta for LinkedIn.

Conga Contracts

Contract management is time-consuming. Your sales reps need a tool that helps create contracts more simply so they can close more deals and get back on the phone. Every small business that deals with paper can benefit from document automation which allows a business to organize documents and streamline business processes. Conga Contract Management offers end to end solutions including:

  • Business Process Automation - a systematic approach to making the workflow in a business easier, simpler, and more efficient. With Conga contract management you can automate many of the processes your sales rep uses to provide better customer service.
  • Contract Automation – Conga’s contract automation module allows your sales reps to create, send and execute contracts faster and easier.
  • Document Automation - speeds up communication for a small business allowing you to deliver professional-looking documents with minimal effort.
  • Sales and Support Automation - sales reps and customer service reps can use sales and support automation to reduce repetitive tasks, eliminate bad data and develop integrated solutions for their daily sales process.

A free trial of Conga Contract Management is available here.


Koncert is a leading SFDC App that integrates well with the others discussed in this post. The suite of tools includes:

  • Dialing Tools - integrating Koncert with your SFDC instance is extremely easy. Using this Salesforce app, you’ll be able to integrate all Koncert’s dialing tools including click dialer, Workflow dialer, and Agent-assisted dialer.
  • Cadence - Multi-channel B2B sales engagement software to reach your prospects at scale through a sequenced workflow of email, calls, texts, video, and social touches.
  • Koncert AI - AI machine learning for sales prospecting. Score and prioritize leads.

Click here to receive a Koncert demo.

Koncert provides a sales acceleration platform designed to help you integrate all your SFDC apps and get your sales reps working at peak performance levels. Using Koncert and the other SFDC apps featured here, your sales reps will have more conversations with their prospects, and your small business will provide outstanding customer service, with higher productivity, increased revenues, and higher margins.

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