The B2B AI dialer platform that solves
sales team's real problems


  We enable more prospects to pickup your calls
  We connect those live calls quickly and improve your chance of converting
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Use Cases


Outbound Selling

Power up more conversations through phone calls at scale. Effortlessly complete longer list of call tasks and cut the back log in a sequencer. Equip sales reps with targeted lead lists and conversation guides to drive more successful call outcomes. Focus calling on high-potential prospects.


Inbound Selling

Improve speed to lead. Empower reps to connect with inbound leads quickly and often. Increase the conversion ratio. Automatically log all call outcomes in your CRM and trigger appropriate sales workflows. Progress promising leads down the funnel.


Account Based Selling

Empower reps to identify many personas in target accounts and connect with them easily. Multi-threading in each target account increases the chances of moving up the funnel. Share key account insights and recorded calls with the whole account team. Strategize together.


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Account Executives

Cover 100% of your ideal customers in your target market with phone conversations along with emails. Prospecting made easy. You can keep adding new opportunities steadily and keep the pipeline humming.


SDR & XDR Managers

Managers can observe and coach reps through Remote Coach. Dashboards and call recordings help you to train and coach your team. Shorten rep ramp up time. Conduct call blitzes.


Inside & Field Sales

Increase rep's productivity up to 10x. Visibility and control on all calls with prospect data. Track the number of dials made, emails sent, call connects, and conversations. Bi-directional sync with CRM to keep the data accurate.


Chief Revenue Officers

With Koncert sales engagement tool, empower your sales team to continuously find new opportunities. Get more revenue. Analytics and reports are a click away.



Improve MQL to SQL conversion ratio through more conversations. Track follow-ups to webinars, inbound leads, and marketing campaigns.


Sales Operations

Focus on sales analytics and processes to increase efficiency and productivity of the sales teams. Facilitate real-time audio, video and content collaboration easily through remote Salesfloor.

Use Cases