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Not all platforms are built  the same

  • We enable more prospects to pickup your calls
  • We connect those live calls quickly and improve your chance of converting

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Koncert is the only ultra-low latency AI dialer platform in the industry. Would you like to experience it firsthand?

Unique Capabilities:

  • Quick Connect

    Other parallel dialers suffer from a long lag when a call is connected. Koncert’s AI-powered Quick Connect allows for seamless conversations to give reps a fighting chance at setting a meeting when they are connected to their prospect. We achieve Quick Connect with ultra-low latency by embedding our own phone tech and AI in one network, that is, we don’t use telephony APIs offered by companies like Twilio or Vonage as used by our competition

  • Automated Local Presence

    Koncert helps sales reps get better connect rates. Most people are more inclined to pick up local calls because a local call could be from the doctor, school, mechanic etc. Local Caller IDs are automatically selected based on prospect’s area code yielding industry leading pick-up rates that beat the competition

  • Automated Caller ID Health

    Most outbound calling teams struggle with low connect rates because their phone number is showing up as SPAM on the prospect’s Caller ID. With Koncert’s Device Cloud and Heat Map, we automatically manage Caller IDs to ensure bad Spam numbers are cleaned or removed so your best prospect isn’t avoiding your rep’s call

  • Better CX Through Anti-Call Blasting

    Koncert's AI Parallel Dialer dials multiple prospects at a time but dials only one phone number for a given prospect. Unlike competitors, we stay away from simultaneously dialing multiple phone numbers associated with a prospect (aka Call Blasting). This improves customer experience and yields more conversations with better outcomes.

  • Parking Lot

    Koncert ensures reps are not wasting dials calling the same “bad numbers”. That old fax machine isn’t going to pick up no matter how many times you call it. Parking Lot quarantines bad numbers so your team can focus on the legit ones

  • Experience

    12+ Years parallel dialer experience and a mature platform. We listened to customers over a long period of time and built the solutions to address a long list of use cases

Other High Value Features:

  • Remote Coach

    When a team is calling at scale, managers need to access live calls and call recordings. Remote Coach gives managers the ability to surf through live calls or listen to call recordings filtered by day, rep or even call disposition. Remote Coach allows you to hear what isn’t working and fix it or hear what is working and share it with your team

  • Remote Salesfloor

    Do a call blitz or a ride-along as if you were in the office. Reps gain motivation and learn from each other. More togetherness helps improve adoption and effectiveness

  • Analytics

    Managers love Koncert analytics. Take a quick look at your team or drill down on specific calls or a particular rep. Koncert Analytics helps managers better manage their team and their data to quickly identify issues and opportunities to improve team performance

Integrations & Security:

  • Integrations

    Proud partners and integrated with Salesloft, Outreach, Hubspot & Salesforce

  • Security & Compliance

    SOC 2 Type II certified. GDPR compliant. Features to stay TCPA compliant

About Koncert

G2 High Performer. More than 270 G2 Reviews with an average rating of 4.6 stars. Technology Innovator with 12 patents.

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