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Not all platforms are built the same

Koncert is the only ultra-low latency AI dialer platform in the industry



The B2B sales tools you need to power up more conversations and pipeline

Koncert’s AI Dialer platform intelligently filters through voicemails and phone trees and connect live calls. Caller IDs are kept clean and managed for you. Local Caller IDs are automatically selected based on prospect’s area code. Enjoy lightning-fast connects, have more conversations and effortlessly achieve your sales goals.

Koncert Dialers

Four sales dialers for your team’s needs. AI Parallel dialer. AI Flow dialer. Agent-Assisted dialer. Click to call dialer.

Koncert Cadence

Multi-channel sales sequencer. Phone. Email. Video. Social. 


Quick Connect

Phone tech and AI are embedded in one network, delivering ultra-low latency connects, giving you a fighting change to set meetings when calls are connected.

Automated Local Presence

Local Caller IDs are automatically selected based on prospect’s area code, delivering true local presence and better connect rates.

Automated Caller ID Health

Heat Map monitors daily usage. We scan Caller IDs’ appearance in real mobile phones. Caller IDs are kept clean and managed for you, to ensure bad Spam numbers are cleaned or removed so your best prospect isn’t avoiding your call.


Easily drill down to see performance at a rep level or list level. Helps to quickly identify issues and opportunities to improve team performance.

Companies that are already crushing their quota with KONCERT

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Remote Coach

Sales coaching done at scale. Managers can surf through live calls or listen to call recordings. During live calls, managers can coach the rep in real time, without the prospect hearing.

Remote Salesfloor

Virtual Salesfloor for a call blitz or a ride-along as if you were in the office. Reps gain motivation and learn from each other. More togetherness helps improve adoption and effectiveness.

Conversation Intelligence

AI scans and detects objections, allowing managers to coach the reps, at scale. Store specific calls in a call library, allowing reps learn from examples.

Parking Lot

Parking Lot quarantines bad numbers using workflow rules so your team can focus on the legit ones. Reps are not wasting dials calling the same “bad numbers”.

A KONCERT of endless possibilities

Live sync your data with your CRM and integrate with apps you love.

Personalization at Scale

Targeted sales outreach at scale

Your sales team will automatically reach out to a defined number of new contacts per day (50 per day per user) in their target market. Each contact will receive a high quality one-to-one personalized message based on relevant events researched by our Smart Platform. 

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Have More Conversations

Accelerate sales productivity like never before

Complete a day's worth of sales activities done before your workday begins. Sellers have more time for selecting new targets or high value activities further down in the sales funnel like follow ups and closes.

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Award Winning Sales Engagement Platform


What Our Clients Say

Koncert is an awesome tool. The product itself is extremely powerful but also very easy to use. The onboarding process was thorough and enabled our BDR team to easily integrate it into their process. We are able to make 4x the number of dials in a shorter period of time.
Zoran K.
"Great AI auto dialer" - IT makes so many calls. Literally so many dials its amazing
Verified User in Telecommunications
What I like the best about Koncert is that it has no comparison in efficiency; calling multiple numbers at the same time is just magic; it is also really easy to understand, with no extra steps needed; you just start your list, and that's it.
Edwin T.
Koncert has been very seamless and easy to use. You can upload lists of pending calls through CSV files or tools like SalesLoft. I like uploading through SalesLoft best because it is more convenient, in my opinion.
Josie J.
"Koncert has strongly enhanced our teams ability to book meetings at a higher rate" - I like the amount of calls that we are able to make in a single day. We are able to have many more conversations throughout the day which leads to more deals closed!
Smith G.

Personas & Use Cases

Tools for every sales role to get the job done with ease

Account Executives

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Cover 100% of your ideal customers in your target market with phone conversations along with emails. Prospecting made easy. You can keep adding new opportunities steadily and keep the pipeline humming. 

XDR Managers

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Dashboards and call recordings help you to train and coach your SDRs/BDRs/TDRs. See how well they are covering their accounts.

Chief Revenue Officers

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Empower your sales team to continuously find new opportunities.  Shorten sales cycles. Get more revenue.

Inside & Field Sales Managers

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Increase your sales team’s productivity. Track the number of dials made, emails sent, call connects, and conversations. Coach and collaborate with your team.


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Improve MQL to SQL conversion ratio through more conversations. Track follow-ups to webinars, inbound leads, and marketing campaigns.


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Improve speed to lead. Empower reps to connect with inbound leads quickly and often. Increase the conversion ratio.


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Power up more conversations through phone calls at scale. Effortlessly complete longer list of call tasks and cut the back log in a sequencer.

Account-Based Sales

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Empower reps to identify many personas in target accounts and connect with them easily. Multi-threading in each target account increases the chances of closing more opportunities.