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Cold Email Software For Modern Sales Teams 2022 | Koncert

What is a Cold Email?

In the age of texting and social media, email remains one of the most popular forms of communication. According to data, internet users sent and received approximately 306 billion emails every day in 2020.

Sales Management 101: Guide to Sales Funnel Stages

What is the Sales Funnel?

At some point, every sales rep, no matter how good, has been hit with a...

Inside vs. Outside Sales: Structuring a Sales Team

Structuring Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales Teams

Did you know that 52.8% of salespeople in the...

What is Sales Acceleration? Definition, Benefits, and More

What is Sales Acceleration?

Sales acceleration is just that: speed up the sales cycle while...

Sales Analytics Software - Increase Your Profits with Sales Analysis

What Is Sales Analytics Software?

Data. It’s powerful — but only if it can be accessed and...

What Is a Lead Generation Software and Why You Need One

What Is a Lead Generation Software?

Generating high-quality leads is fundamental to business...

What Is the Best Sales Tracking Software for You in 2022?

Just What does Sales Tracking Software Do?

Through software, sales teams can track, manage, and...

What Is Data Enrichment and How Does It Work?

What Is Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment adds additional third-party data to existing data to...

What Is Contact Management and Why Is It Important?

What Is Contact Management Software?

Contact management software is a type of application that...