Power Up Your Sales with Koncert’s Suite of Dialers

A suite of sales dialers for different sales roles. AI Parallel dialer. AI Flow dialer. Agent-assisted dialer. Workflow dialer. Click to call dialer.

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AI Parallel Dialer

Power Dialer for Outbound Calling Up to 10 Lines at Once

Instantly see CRM data on your prospect as soon as a live person answers. Call productively, faster.

Track Everything

Analytics and Reports are a click away. See results immediately.

Dialing Visibility

See which prospects are called in real time. See navigation in real time. See prospect info immediately.

Remote Coach®

When calls connect, managers can coach the rep in real time, without the prospect hearing.

Caller ID Reputation

Koncert provides a “Heat Map” so you can track the usage of your caller ID.

AI Flow Dialer

AI Technology Connects and Syncs With Your CRM

Single line dialing platform that drives live conversations and improves outbound calling productivity.

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Superior AI Flow Dialer 2
Single Line AI Dialing

Automatically filters through busy tones, fax tones, bad phone numbers, phone trees and voicemails.

Automatic CRM Integration

Bi-directional sync with Salesforce and other leading CRMs gives sales reps freedom

Superior AI Technology

A much higher level of accuracy in recognizing live answers over voicemails than our competition

Soc 2 Certified

Data Privacy regulation compliant – as are all Koncert’s Dialing Platforms

Agent-Assisted Dialer

Human assisted power dialers are 10x faster and boost B2B sales productivity

Feed your sales pipeline and drive revenue with trained, professional human dialing agents. No robots.

Integrates directly to your CRM
Reach More Leads

Our human dialing agents place on average 125 calls in just 1 hour for you.

Remote Coach®

Listen to what your sellers are saying on calls. Live or recorded. Train them on what to say.

Easy Data Capture

Synchronize call results and follow-up activities with Salesforce and other leading CRMs.

Single Pane of Glass

View all information in one screen in Salesforce.

Flow Dialer

Dial 3x faster and boost your sales

List-based power dialer. Intelligently order your list. Stay focused on calling to increase productivity significantly.

Convert Leads Faster

Increase call connect rates by 2-3x. Visibility and control on calling list. 1 click to move to next call. No distractions.

Remote Coach®

Listen to what your sellers are saying on calls. Live or recorded. Train them on what to say.

Easy Data Capture

Capture call results and follow-up activities easily. Synchronize with Salesforce and other leading CRMs.

Local Caller ID

Use local area codes to boost connect rates. (*Available in all three dialers.)

Click Dialer

Click. Connect. Convert.

Faster than manual dialing. Place sales calls directly in Salesforce or Cadence with 1 click without having to manually dial.

Powering sales teams worldwide
Salesforce Integration

Use Click Dialer as a native Salesforce app. Capture call results and follow-up activities easily.

More Dials. Less Effort.

Make more calls and convert more leads in less time. Don't settle for manual dialing.

Remote Coach®

Listen to what your sellers are saying on calls. Live or recorded. Train them on what to say.

Track Productivity

Generate reports on number of calls, number of conversations, talk time, and more. Take course correction.


Dialers Comparison

Not sure which dialer fits your B2B needs? Koncert offers options just right for YOUR workflow!

Click Dialer Flow Dialer Single line Agent-Assisted DialerMulti-line AI Flow DialerSingle line AI Parallel DialerMulti-line

CRMs and Power Dialing
Human Power Dialer
Every call is initiated and navigated by a human, not a robot.
Salesforce CRM (Native Integration)
Native App listed in Salesforce AppExchange.
Hubspot, Outreach, Salesloft Integration
Independent CRM (customization)
Parallel Dialing
Remote Coach®
Listen to what your sales reps are saying on calls at any time, including live calls and recorded calls.
Whisper Mode
Provide coaching tips to your sales rep live remotely during the call.
Calling List Visibility
Visibility into calling sessions and control of live updates of prospect records
Local Caller IDs
Area Mapped Caller IDs
Map Caller ID(s) to every area code in US.
Heat map on Caller IDs
Live tracking of each Caller ID usage (heat) to maintain Caller ID reputation.
Customizable Call Dispositions
Multi-channel sales engagement through calls, emails, text, video, and social.
Voice Mail Drop
Smart Predictive Analytics
Intelligent sales analytics and machine learning to score and prioritize B2B sales leads.
Real-Time Dashboards & Reports
Busy Work Delegation
Delegate navigation of phonetrees, gatekeepers, and voice mail systems to human dialing agents.
World-Class Customer Support
SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant
Productivity Increase compared to manual dialing


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