Smart Platform with

machine learning and predictive intelligence

Score and prioritize your B2B sales leads

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Why Koncert AI?

Have more quality connects with target prospects.

Define Your Target Profile

Create your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on any data signals available in your CRM.

Adjusted Weight Scale

Adjust the weightage associated with different types of data signal to arrive at the final lead score.

Smart List Sorting

Sort your dialing list and inbound leads by Predictive Lead Score that can generate better results.

Dynamic Re-Prioritization

AI will re-sort your dialing lists every 15 minutes during calling sessions, as the best-time-to-call keeps changing.



3 Essential Data Criteria

Smart Platform uses these data points to sort and prioritize your inbound leads, calling lists, and B2B sales outreach cadence tasks for emails, calls, and social touches.

Is Your Data Correct?

Verify your target contact data. Is it accurate or will you reach a wrong number or get a bounced email?

Is There a Direct Dial Number?

Smart Platform recognizes whether a phone number is a direct phone number and prioritizes the contact accordingly.

Are You Calling at the Best Time?

Determine the best leads to call at a specific time with stats aggregated from millions of phone calls.

Find the Hidden Gems in Your CRM

Stop wasting time contacting unqualified leads. Smart Platform uses relevance-based insights to search through your CRM to select the best B2B sales leads and uses predictive intelligence for smart ordering during your sales engagement outreach.



Award Winning Sales Engagement Platform


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