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Read the latest press releases and news items from Koncert, formerly known as ConnectLeader.

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Koncert in the News

Koncert, formerly known as ConnectLeader, showcases our latest news.

Press Release, Oct 11, 2021 - Koncert receives SOC 2 Type 2 Certificate

Press Release, Sep 07, 2021 - Koncert Moves High in G2 Fall Reports for Sales Engagement

Press Release, Jun 22, 2021 - Koncert Sparks High User Adoption in G2 Summer Reports

Press Release, April 19, 2021 - ConnectLeader Rebrands to Koncert

Press Release, Mar 26, 2021 - ConnectLeader Reaches High in G2 Spring Reports for Sales Engagement

Press Release, Dec 18, 2020 - ConnectLeader Leads in G2 Winter Reports for Sales Engagement

Press Release, Sep 23, 2020 - ConnectLeader is a Leader in Sales Engagement in G2 Fall Reports

Press Release, Jun 24, 2020 - ConnectLeader Receives Easiest to Use Software in G2 Summer Reports

Press Release, Apr 21, 2020 - ConnectLeader Receives Best of Kudos from G2

Press Release, Mar 26, 2020 - ConnectLeader Receives Best Relationship Ranking in G2 Spring Report

Press Release, Mar 3, 2020 - ConnectLeader Receives Bronze in 2020 Stevie Awards for Sales

Press Release, Jan 16, 2020 - ConnectLeader Named Finalist in 2020 Stevie Awards for Sales

Press Release, Jan 9, 2020 - ConnectLeader Named 2019 Top Sales Award Finalist

Press Release, Aug 27, 2019 - ConnectLeader Announces Integration with Zoho CRM

Press Release, Feb 25, 2019 - ConnectLeader Wins Silver Stevie® Award In 2019 Stevie Awards For Sales & Customer Service

Press Release, Feb 25, 2019 - ConnectLeader Wins Silver Stevie® Award In 2019 Stevie Awards For Sales & Customer Service

Press Release, Dec 1, 2018 - ConnectLeader Named 2018 The Cloud Awards Finalist

Press Release, Nov 28, 2018 - ConnectLeader Wins Silver in Best in Biz Awards 2018

Demand Gen Report, Aug 3, 2018 - How To Launch An Outbound Sales Cadence That Succeeds

Press Release, Jan 31, 2018 - ConnectLeader Introduces Sales Cadence Software ‘TruCadence’ Release 2.0

Contact Center World, May 22, 2017 - Outbound Calling: It’s Not the Dial, It’s the Conversation that Counts

Sales and Marketing Management,  May 14, 2017 - Account Based Marketing for Lead Development Quality, Not Quantity

Business To Community, April 10, 2017, Holy CRM System! The Vatican is Doing Social Selling

CRM Magazine/, February 23, 2017, 8 Reasons Why Sales Reps Should Preschedule Cold Calls

Business 2 Community, February 22, 2017, Social Selling and Predictive Analytics for Sales

Flarrio (February 02, 2017): Potential of AI For Sales Acceleration

Business 2 Community, December 22, 2016, How to Create a Marketing and Sales Love Affair 

TMCnet Videos, November 4, 2016, Rich Tehrani speaks with Jim Lochry ofConnectLeader

CRM Magazine (November 1, 2016): B2B Sales Psychology: The Best Comeback to an Objection Is None

DMN News (October 26, 2016): One on One: Jim Lochry says Inbound and Outbound are Both Important

Demand Gen Report (September 16, 2016): Leveraging Data For Effective Outbound Sales Prospecting

Call Recording (August 08, 2016): ConnectLeader Improves Click Dialer with New Calling Features

Destination CRM (August 04, 2016): ConnectLeader Enhances Its Click Dialer Sales Acceleration Tool

Sys-Con Media (August 04, 2016): ConnectLeader Enhances Its Award-Winning Click Dialer Sales Acceleration Solution

Customer Zone 360 (July 28, 2016): Analytics Trend Prompts New Partnerships

Customer Zone 360 (July 28, 2016): INTERNET TELEPHONY, TMC Name CRM Excellence Award Winners (June 2, 2016): ConnectLeader is ready to help your business to make a customer connection

Sales & Marketing Management, May 1, 2016, Six Reasons Not To Bash The Competition

Selling Power, May 1, 2016,  Five Coaching Skills to Turn Your Saleseople into All-Stars

Six Reasons Not To Bash The Competition (May 2016):

TMCnet, April, 13, 2016, ConnectLeader's 'Adaptilytics' Gives Sales Efforts Extra Push

CRM Magazine/, April 11, 2016,  Great Sales Managers Need to Be a Great Coaches, Too

Demand Gen Report, April 11, 2016, ConnectLeader Unveils Predictive Intelligence Engine For Outbound Sales Initiatives

CustomerTHINK, April 8, 2016, ConnectLeader’s New Adaptilytics Predictive Engine Quickly Identifies Best Sales Targets To Accelerate Overall B2B Prospecting Success

CRM Magazine (April 8, 2016): ConnectLeader Releases Adaptilytics, a New Predictive Intelligence Engine

Internet Telephony (March 31, 2016): How to Leverage Adaptive Analytics and CRM for Lead Scoring

Digital Journal (March 30, 2016): ConnectLeader Presents DePaul University Survey Findings for Creating Effective Sales on Live Webinar

PRWeb (January 28, 2016): Stevie Awards Announces Finalists for Sales & Customer Service Awards. ConnectLeader Finalist in New Sales Product Category