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About Koncert Patents

Koncert’s pioneering innovations are protected by multiple patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, under the patent numbers 8594308, 8938058, 8964963, 9237233, 9467566, 9674364, 9979820, 10284721, 10715661, 10979566, 11575786, 11956326, Canadian patent number 2815399.

These patents protect many innovative sales acceleration capabilities that are industry firsts. These capabilities include, but are not limited to:


Visibility and Control features

Provide your sales reps with visibility into live communication sessions and dynamic control of many aspects of the system, including the order of prospects for contacting, number of attempts, and Do-Not-Call updates (before, during, and after the communication sessions).


A.I. Based Scheduling of Communication Sessions

Facilitate better time management for your sales reps.


Remote Coaching features

Actively listen and coach sales reps during live calls.


Cadence/multi-touch capabilities

Enable your sales reps to easily plan and execute multi-touches such as calling, leaving voice messages, sending emails, and sending texts.


Dynamic Agent Allocation

Optimize agent allocation to help your sales reps accelerate selling.

These patents protect many aspects of Koncert’s innovative sales acceleration technology and are key components of a comprehensive international patent portfolio that includes many patents pending worldwide.