Remote Coach

Remote Coach® is a unique feature within all five of Koncert’s Dialer Platforms. Managers can monitor ongoing calls, and using Whisper Mode, can even coach the sales rep during the phone call without the prospect hearing.

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Remote Coach Opt
Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

By enabling immediate outbound engagement, reps can keep up with large volume of emails with phone calls.

Live conversations and live listening/coaching

Auto-select live calls based on duration

Understanding messaging that works

Rate calls based on performance & efficiency

Real Time Whispering

Ability for the managers to interact with the Talker (Sales Rep.) in real time; where the prospect cannot hear this interaction

Whisper to reps during live calls and speak to them between calls.

To train reps how to handle common objections

View Calls

Call Recording

Generate recordings that can be accessed via Salesforce

Tag call recordings

Listen to calls directly from Salesforce via an embedded link

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