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Simple Implementation and a Solid Product

"Koncert provides a solid solution to a common sales problem: prospecting. Though we are still in a proof-of-concept engagement with Koncert,"
Chance Martin

Have more live prospect convos in less time

"My entire sales development team uses Koncert TeamDialer to work through large/cold propsect lists on a near daily basis."
Sean Jones

Great Product

"Support is amazing as well as ease of use and integration. Love the fact its built on platform and our Sales Team efficiency has improved 10 fold."
Josh Dayment
Saves a lot of time!

"Before Koncert, we would be dialing each prospect one by one. Now, with Koncert we can get a whole week's worth of dialing in just one day! Huge improvement to our workflow and metrics!"

Robert C. V
I've used every product in this space - Koncert has no peers.

"1. The Product works - period. I talked to dozens of more people on my lists every day than I would without them."

Nick R
Koncert Review!

"Koncert helped us improve our overall conects (Decision Makers reached) per hour by a significant margin.!"


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Personalized B2B sales engagement software for your whole team.



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2-3x the number of conversations with decision makers

I love the efficiency of ConnectLeader's Team Dialer. For many years my sales team used click-to-dial phones successfully...

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VP of Sales & Marketing

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Game changing outreach

ConnectLeader has given my sales team the ability to outproduce our competition. The sales team has reduced in size by 20% while also increasing revenue generated...

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Director of Sales & Marketing

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Wouldn't Power Dial Without It Ever Again

#1 - The efficiency of Team Dialer for earning conversations is off the charts. My reps don't deal with gatekeepers, voicemails, or phone trees...

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SDR Managers

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More Live Conversations for Sellers

Koncert's TeamDialer solution connects my sales development reps w/ an average of 10+ live prospect conversations in a single hour, as opposed to the 2 or 3 we would have doing our own dialing.

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Inside Sales Representative (ISR)

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Wonderful Experience which has helped optimize productivity at work.

The dialing program and email cadence has been wonderful in helping to keep track of customers and deliver information to them.

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Sales Development Representative (SDR)

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Great platform for agent dials and power dials!

I love that it's not only reliable, but that it gives me an easily accessible report section which shows what my numbers are.

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