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Learn how Koncert, formerly ConnectLeader, has helped our customers dramatically increase sales productivity and top line revenue.

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More Connects to the right people in a speedy manner

"Using ConnectLeader through Salesforce, I have the ability to prospect at a higher efficiency rate, allowing me to achieve higher results!"
Dustin Bueller

Great product and the best way to get your group the most connections

"Last year we began working with ConnectLeader after using another dialing product through Salesforce..."
Dave Thomson

Business Development Specialist

"Makes the cold calling aspect of outbound sales super easy and efficient.."
Peter Alexandrou

Great Tool!

"ConnectLeader has been a very powerful tool for my team. It is simple to use and reliable."
Kevin Hine

Great Product, would be lost without it

"Makes cold calling a lot more bearable with it's ease of use and connectivity with Salesforce."
Connor Arsenault

Great Productivity Tool for Sales Reps - Used it 3 times!

"I am a sales manager who has used ConnectLeader for my inside sales teams at 3 different companies..."
Mike Sanchez

Wonderful Product with Even Better Service

"We've been customers of ConnectLeader for about 4 years now, and we've really enjoyed the product as well as the support they provide."
Brandon L

Great program, super efficient with an amazing support team.

"Being able to make 100 calls in the same time that, manually, you could only make 15 to 20 saves so much time and effort. Everything is super streamlined and perfectly integrated with the Salesforce platform. Also, they have a great support team that has always responded to me quickly and with no issue."
Matthew B

A carpenter's tape measure

"As a TDR, this tool held the same amount of value to me as a tape measure would to be to a carpenter. Think a tape measure that measures things for you, stores the previous measured items for quick reference, and the ability to switch units of measurements immediately."
Matt M

Great thus far!

"We've been using another power dialer at our firm for all outreach, and this one completely knocks it out of the part. Far more productive..."
Trevor S
Great product and even better service!
What do you like best?

"We have used ConnectLeader for several years and it has been a cornerstone to helping us grow our software company. First, it smoothly integrates with Salesforce allowing us to seamlessly leverage two of the best marketing software solutions available. Their dialer optimizes our inside sales teams ability to manage calling and also allows our sales reps to leverage their Team Dialer solution to more effectively get conversations with qualified prospects. Support is fabulous!"

Tom J
Review of ConnectLeader
What do you like best?

"Leaving a lot of voicemails that hopefully will generate return calls."

Lisa M
Outpace your competition with this platform
What do you like best?

"The ConnectLeader support team are truly partnered with you. They have helped us better integrate the platform into our systems. The team consults with us every step of the way to make sure we are maximizing our ROI. They have also added to their platform throughout the last year. They listen to our concerns or advice. Then turn it into action!"

Justin H
ConnectLeader - A solid tool and a great partner
What do you like best?

"The team at ConnectLeader works hard to ensure we receive an appropriate ROI. They don't just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear to appropriately leverage the tool."

Tim B
Connectleader is extremely effective in connecting with potential prospects.
What do you like best?

"I enjoy the ability to reach multiple clients at once."

Tucker H
Making the day-to-day life of a cold caller a whole lot easier
What do you like best?

"Imagine your top performer making 300 calls a week and seeing great results... now imagine that BDR/SDR being about to make those 300 calls in a DAY. Complete game changer for business development productivity."

Laura S
Excellent Support and Great Team
What do you like best?

"ConnectLeader is built on the Salesforce Platform the team is very responsive to any issues we might have as well as take feedback directly to their dev team to make changes based off of our feedback I could not ask for anything better."

Josh D
Connect Leader is the best solution to automate prospecting and market penetration.
What do you like best?

"Connect Leader is the great reporting functionality because it is an incredibly useful implement as it allows for us to accurately assess our work. The user experience of this tool is fascinating because it has the ability to customize an email on the last minute before sending it out allows us to add a last-minute email opener."

Conrad'loLÍder S
Sales Enablement Consultant & Sales Coach
What do you like best?

"ConnectLeader is a powerful tool and they have great customer service to help you use the tool they way you need to get the results you are targeted. The tool is easy to use and train new MDR/SDRs to use to prospect and build out a pipeline and target a marketing campaign. Team Dialer really boosts the amount of connections and activities my MDR/SDRs can achieve in a day."

Kevin J
Simple, productive, and great customer support
What do you like best?

"The high level of calls in a short time. You can make a hundred calls in the time it would manually take you to take 15-20."

Matthew B

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