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Sales Incentive Ideas For Salespeople

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Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. Valentine’s Day is a time for letting the important people in your life know that you appreciate them. That goes for your sales team!

Of course, you don't have to reserve tokens of appreciation just for one day. You can use these tested sales incentive ideas for salespeople all year long to boost sales and improve morale and fellowship.

Sales Incentive Ideas for Salespeople That You All Will Love!

Think about how you can use these sales incentive ideas to improve morale and productivity.


Prize Raffles

Some of the best sales incentive contest ideas could include raffling off prizes like gift baskets, electronics, gift cards, or movie tickets. You can display these prizes around the office and award them in a couple of different ways.

For instance, you might simply give the rewards to salespeople who close the most deals. You could also offer a raffle ticket for every deal closed, and then have a drawing after the contest ends. This can help introduce a fun element of gaming into work for your sales team.

Make Everybody a Winner

If you want to encourage teamwork, you might offer a prize to everybody when the team meets certain goals. For example, you could set goals for the number of appointments set, phone calls made, and deals closed. Team rewards make some of the best sales incentive prizes because they encourage teamwork and camaraderie.

When the team reaches these milestones, you could reward everybody with a team outing, a half-day from work, or prizes that they can take home. To further encourage teamwork, you can even let your salespeople offer suggestions for the prizes they would most enjoy. Taking a poll from the team before offering the prize is an easy way to ensure your incentives actually incentivize your team.

A Vision Board

One of the best sales incentives ideas for salespeople is to let them help contribute to goal setting. Then take it a step further and help team members truly visualize these goals. Whether you believe in ideas like the Law of Attraction or not, science has demonstrated that visualization works to help motivate and inspire people to reach goals.

Set aside a few hours or a day when your salespeople can help contribute toward setting goals. As a manager, provide input into ways to visualize those goals in a physical way. Reps can create an AI poster generator or even a PowerPoint presentation. Your choice of a poster or software doesn't matter so much. It's just important to make your vision board effective by associating images with positive emotions and not simply material rewards.

An Anonymous "Tip" Jar

You can set up a box or jar or even poster in the office that's just for people to leave anonymous notes of appreciation about their fellow workers. Hopefully, this will encourage members of the team to show appreciation for both valuable contributions and for salespeople who have been working hard and gone through a rough stretch with few results. Instead of using a physical "tip" jar, you could also setup an anonymous bulletin board electronically.

When people know that somebody else appreciates their efforts, it's a lot easier to build upon successes, power through a dry spell, and even simply show up for work every morning. This can also encourage more productive members to help mentor new or struggling salespeople. You can help improve morale, and in turn, morale boosts tend to lead to productivity increases.

Sales Should Be Fun

toprung-image.jpgThere are an endless number of sales contest themes you can lean into. Just make sure to make it fun! To really show your appreciation for your sales team, introduce sales gamification. As a sales manager, you can demonstrate team results and let everybody know which salespeople play to win by encouraging a bit of fun competition. When it comes to sales incentive ideas for salespeople, an ongoing gamification strategy with one-off tip jars and raffle prizes is the way to go. Learn more about ConnectLeader’s TopRung sales gamification software.
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