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4 Traits to Look for in Top Customer Success Teams

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So, you’ve convinced your finance team to sign off on new B2B sales software for your team. You can’t wait to get started because you’ve been sold on the increase in sales productivity and know this software will provide your sales reps, SDRs, and BDRs with the data and leads they need. Finance fast tracks it and the implementation goes smoothly, but wait… There seems to be a glitch in the implementation when your reps start using the system, calls to your sales guy (who used to pick up your calls instantly) are going straight to voicemail, and their support team isn’t answering emails nor voicemails. Read on to learn the four qualities you need to look for in a top-notch customer support team along with reviews about ConnectLeader’s customer support team straight from our customers on G2.


The first interaction you’ll have with a software company’s support team could be during a demo, but more likely, it’s going to be when you’re implementing the software for your sales team. If the support team is a hassle during the implementation, that’s going to be a red flag for the rest of the lifecycle of that software.

Christopher had the following to say about ConnectLeader’s customer support team on G2: “The support team was very diligent and helpful in the set-up and training process and making sure I was fully trained on the product and ready to jump right in and use it successfully.”

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Quick Follow-Up

Have you reached out to a software company’s support line when you had an issue only to get no answer, or to get a call or email a week or two after the fact? In this day of immediate response, even just a response time of two days can cause a customer to break their contract or just stop using your software and go to a competitor that has better customer support.

Samuel raves on G2 about the turn-around time of ConnectLeader support team: “Another great aspect of the company is the prompt and reliable support that the team provides. I don't know of any other SaaS (other than us of course) that will respond to you as quickly and as efficiently as the ConnectLeader team.

Tom added his thoughts on G2, saying: “The customer support team is my favorite aspect of ConnectLeader. They have been very helpful in implementing the various tools that their platform offers. Any questions or concerns that I have they immediately respond in a timely manner. I had a few issues early on and they responded right away and helped me out. It was great!”

Problem Solving

As Vanilla Ice said, “If you’ve got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it…” That should be the motto of any excellent customer success team and ConnectLeader lives by that mantra.

An executive sponsor in finance had this to say on G2: “The customer support team at ConnectLeader has been fantastic to work with. When we have a question or issue they are quick to respond and solve.”

Jenna added her praise on G2 for ConnectLeader customer support’s problem solving skills: “ConnectLeader support is really responsive. If you ever have an issue, they are quick to fix.”

Listening to Feedback

When you have a suggestion for a potential feature in a product, does the software company listen or do they ignore customer feedback? Look for a customer support team that listens and actively accepts feedback.

Avi mentioned on G2 why product roadmap ideas are important to him: “The ConnectLeader support team is receptive of feedback and always work to put what they can into the product roadmap.”

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