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3 Levers to Take on the Sales Development Vortex

The demand for sales development is at an all-time high, but the vortex of market and talent forces is making it difficult to run the function productively.

Register to hear this webinar, recorded on Nov 03, 2021, to hear from our panelists:

  • Dan Gottlieb, Director Analyst from Gartner
  • Marlon Gallimore, Managing Director from Penguin Consulting
  • Jake Dunlap, CEO from Skaled Consulting
  • Victoria Gagnon, Director Channel Partnerships & Alliances from Koncert

The panel of experts will take on 3 levers to boost SDR pipeline generation:

  • Addressing the SDR talent strategy
  • Table-stakes tech stack for pipeline growth
  • Shifting sales engagement tactics necessary to stand out today.

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