Bressenden Associates Customer Success Story

Alexander Gray - Co-Founder



Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Alex Gray. I'm one of two, co-founders of a company called Bressenden Associates were an outsourced business development company. Currently, we work with 10 clients across a number of continents, and we generate meetings and sales opportunities for our clients. Before we started, using Koncert between the two of us. We were just basically using a click dial or through Skype, the average connection, right?

We were getting was probably one in ten people would answer the phone. So and it probably takes 23 hours to do a hundred phone calls. So it just wasn't viable in terms of growing the business to where he wants to go. It wasn't viable for us to sit down every day and do a hundred phone calls and then try to win new business. And then try to clean data and then try to respond to it. Trying messages and things Concepts ability to help us essentially like clone ourselves on. The phone has had a remarkable impact. So we had to kind of automate everything we could do and to some degree.

Koncert does automate your phone calls for me. The biggest advantage of Koncert is I can get done in one hour, something that would formerly. Have taken me five hours to do before we use concert. My day was a bit more chaotic in a bit more rushed. Now, we know that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are calling days. So we blocked time in the calendar. We can pretty much service like to clients worth of calls a day and more calm in a word. This is a tool that's allowed us to have just more time to do the the necessary evils of running a small business.

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