How to Build a Modern Sales Machine with Gartner and Koncert

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Does your sales team think about who they're reaching out to in their sales engagement or are they just reacting to incoming leads?

It pays to be strategic, but there’s so much noise and advice out there about sales engagement. How do you know who to listen to?

Register to hear this webinar, recorded on May 26, 2021, as Dan Gottlieb from Gartner answers questions about sales engagement best practices with our Director of Sales at Koncert, Joe Cronin. You’ll learn:

  • Why defining and reviewing an ICP with your sales team is so important.
  • How sales engagement technology provides insights to sales leaders.
  • Why sales and marketing alignment is more critical now than ever.

Plus, you’ll learn predictions for the future of sales engagement, including playbooks, technologies, and more.

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