Fully Remote Sales Development Executive
(SDR + AE Hybrid Role)

Location: Remote


Job Type: Full-Time


About Koncert:

Koncert is a leader in sales technology, renowned for our groundbreaking AI parallel dialer—a "Gamechanger" on G2 with 274 reviews averaging 4.6 stars. We empower sales professionals to use innovative tools to transform outbound sales.

Power dialing using AI technology, in an affordable Saas platform, is now available, even for smaller, cost-conscious B2B businesses. Meet and beat your competition as you give your sales reps a day’s worth of calls in just one hour using AI Flow Dialer, or a week’s worth, using AI Parallel Dialer. Access all the analytics you need to power up your team. More calls, more conversations, more meetings and demos, more sales.

Role Summary:

Introducing the Fully Remote Sales Development Executive, a hybrid of a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and an Account Executive (AE)—essentially an "SDR closer role." This role is a dream for the right candidate, providing a unique opportunity to break through the traditional barriers of experience and education.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Dedicate a minimum of 2 hours per day to parallel dialing, making more than1,500 dials weekly. Our addressable market is huge and hungry for a solution to their outbound issues.
  • Identify and nurture new accounts, integrating them into a robust sales process.
  • Secure at least 5 quality meetings weekly to maintain a pipeline of closable deals.
  • Conduct at least 10 intro/demo calls weekly.
  • Manage trials with support of other Koncert team members.
  • Oversee the sales cycle from lead to close, ensuring consistent follow-up and engagement.

What We Offer:

  • A competitive, incentive-driven pay structure where earnings are driven by deal-closing, not just a base salary.
  • Comprehensive health and dental benefits, and a fully remote work environment that supports independence and flexibility.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Motivated by the challenge of a dual-focused role, combining the hustle of a SDR with the strategic acumen of an AE.
  • Eager to prove their sales prowess, regardless of formal qualifications, ready to make real money through real effort.

Career Progression:

This role is potentially a stepping stone within Koncert, proving your ability to close deals and advance to more senior sales roles, handling larger accounts and strategic opportunities.

Application Process:

If you're ready to redefine sales success on your terms, apply now. Join Koncert and embark on a journey where your ability to close deals defines your success.


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