Penguin Consulting Services(PCS) Customer Success Story

Marlon Gallamore - Managing Director of Penguin Consulting Services



Video Transcript

My name is Marlon Gallimore. I'm the managing director of Penguin consulting services and we help business to business SaaS startups build pipelines faster because they're SaaS companies. They are in that three-to-nine-month range before Koncert, you know, the typical lead generation channels that they have in place Google search, you know, LinkedIn, those things that drive the inbound campaigns and then finally, there they do a lot of outbound, which is really a lot of emails, phone calls, etc.

There was a lot of inefficiency. And what I call non-value-added activity in the demand generation process and by number of companies, so when I go in and do the diagnostics of the discovery, I will see that they do have a problem with connecting and having live conversations with their clients at scale and I simply would recommend as part of the solution that I'm offering to them is a consultant is because you could implement it fairly quickly you could get results, like, immediately because you install it, you point it in the right direction and next you know, your sales teams are having conversations at scale. And within days, they're connecting with dozens of prospects and you're really going to find out right on the spot whether or not there is a target market fit for your product.

It's been a game-changer in the way. I consult with my clients historically without Koncert. I do spend a lot of energy on how to generate more conversations and why it's important to have more conversations in order to develop a Pipeline. And now it's completely flipped. We get plenty of recordings and up to 25 to 30 meaningful conversations that they're having a week where we're talking more about.

How do you lose? These conversations into meetings and how do you convert those meetings into meaningful Pipeline and in some cases? How do you close people on the very first call? Because you're having these conversations at scale. I mean, I can't even think of a scenario really where I wouldn't recommend it. It gives you the same number of conversations in one hour that it takes without Koncert. So, like you could sit there and do one hour prospecting and you can spend the rest of your day. An advancing and closing deals.

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