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Manager on Behalf of User

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We are excited to announce a new feature: Manager on Behalf of User, which gives managers the ability to perform actions on behalf of their team members (users). This is incredibly useful for managers that want to get things done instead of waiting for users to perform the necessary actions in the system.

What are the actions a manager can do on behalf of user?

  • Import/upload prospects for your team member (the user)
  • Assign the user's unassigned prospects to a Cadence
  • Move the user's prospects from Cadence to Cadence
  • Delete the user's prospects
  • Exit the user's prospects from the assigned Cadence
  • Pause the user's prospect activity in a Cadence
  • Resume the user's paused prospect activity
  • Send one-off email on behalf of user
  • Send the user's pending personalized emails
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