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With basic sales email automation and click-to-call dialers, your sales reps can’t have enough conversations to keep up with the sales leads that come in.

Koncert overcomes this limitation with advanced phone dialers and sales cadence software to follow up emails with phone calls for more sales conversations.

Integrates directly to your CRM

Koncert’s sales enablement is recommended by Salesforce with a Native Integration, and is available on the Salesforce App Store

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What does Koncert do that other sales email automation, sales intelligence platforms and email tracking software systems don't?

  • Increases calling connectivity by up to 800% with Agent-Assisted Dialer (our human agents will call up to 150 leads an hour so you can focus on what you do best: Having sales conversations to convert leads to customers)
  • Executes personalized interactions at scale via email, call, text, video and social touches with Cadence
  • Connects sales reps with 2X the leads daily by using our native Salesforce app, Click Dialer
  • Prioritizes your best leads and reach leads fast with the right message using Coverage
  • Offers an easy-to-use user interface that is sales rep-friendly
Before Koncert, we would be dialing each prospect one by one. Now, with Koncert we can get a whole week's worth of dialing in just one day! Huge improvement to our workflow and metrics
Robert C. V
Head of Enterprise Solutions

G2 Review

Easily call all of your contacts quickly and efficiently. Its very helpful to be able to see all of the names on the list as you go down. Schedules time immediately which is great!
Henry S
Sales Development Representative

G2 Review

What's most helpful is the ability to dial multiple people at once (4 contacts at a time) through an agent. It's an effortless way to get more pick-ups rather than having to individually call people.
Alexa M
Sales Development Representative

G2 Review


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