Vidyard Customer Success Story

 Dan Wardle - Head of Emerging Business


Video Transcript

I'm Dan Wardell with Vidyard, the head of emerging business and business development. Vidyard is a video platform for business last year identified on my business development team that we just were not able to do the volume we wanted to do what we identified is our reps we're averaging about two hours of their day on the phone trying to get a hold of people, but we were just getting a lot of voicemails.

We weren't actually getting a lot of connects we averaged about one and a half conversations per hour and so we were looking at a way you know how can we reach out to all of those people plus be able to reach out to more people each day and reach out to all the people we didn't get a hold of in the last quarter so really just efficiency so that we can prove the business development ROI.

So, the way we've been tracking our success with Connectleader really just comes from the raw data. It's easy in business development how many calls did they make how many opportunities that they're creating what's their conversion rate like and overall we're seeing well over fifty percent improvement the ability for a rep to reach out to 200 people instead of you know hundred people on average just bumping up their attainment by a huge margin they don't probably want to hear this but we're likely going to have to up their quotas now because with the Connectleader process it just makes it way more efficient for them to create opportunities.

So we are a huge salesforce shop and our reps are in there you know with probably twelve different tabs open at any given time so the fact that connect leader basically is inside of Salesforce there's no double work the reps don't have to do something special for Connectleader they just log in every day and make their calls and it automatically knows who they're supposed to be calling it was one of the main reasons that we were excited to start with Connectleader.

When we first launched Connectleader you know every day I was logging into the reporting to see who's actually using the product how many connects are they getting reporting back to our executive team on the efficiency we are gaining from it that's what Connectleader reporting really shows us the amazing thing with Connectleader and the reason.

I'm a customer advocate for them is their support we've changed a lot being a start-up so as we launch new tools that we're using and switch our processes they're always there to help guide us and make sure that we're well supported as we those changes nobody wants to sit there for an hour dial 20 phone numbers and only get one person to actually talk to you Connectleader does that all for you it's increased our efficiency gain on our reps by such a huge margin I don't really see any other tool that allows you to get there.

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