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The B2B sales tools you need to power up more conversations and pipeline

Koncert's Sales Engagement Platform delivers revenue and increases B2B sales productivity by up to 800%. We prioritize the best prospects for you to connect with at the right time with multi-channel communications, helping you to consistently exceed your goals.

Koncert Dialers

Five sales dialers for your team’s needs. AI Parallel dialer. AI Flow dialer. Agent-Assisted dialer. Workflow dialer. Click to call dialer.

Koncert Cadence

Multi-channel sales sequencer. Phone. Email. Video. Text. Social. 

Koncert Coverage

Cover 100% of your market with relevance-based selection and 1-to-1 personalized messaging. 

Smart Platform

Machine learning for sales prospecting. Score and prioritize leads. 

Companies that are already crushing their quota with KONCERT

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A KONCERT of endless possibilities

Live sync your data with your CRM and integrate with apps you love.

Personalization at Scale

Targeted sales outreach at scale

Your sales team will automatically reach out to a defined number of new contacts per day (50 per day per user) in their target market. Each contact will receive a high quality one-to-one personalized message based on relevant events researched by our Smart Platform. 

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Have More Conversations

Accelerate sales productivity like never before

Complete a day's worth of sales activities done before your work day begins. Sellers have more time for high value activities further down in the sales funnel like working on their open opportunities and having more B2B sales conversations.

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Award Winning Sales Engagement Platform


What Our Clients Say

"Before Koncert, we would be dialing each prospect one by one. Now, with Koncert we can get a whole week's worth of dialing in just one day! Huge improvement to our workflow and metrics!"
Robert C. V
Head of Enterprise Solutions
"The team dialer allows for extreme efficiency in dialing outbound B2B calls. I appreciate the quick support of the Koncert team if an issue arrives, they go above and beyond to resolve them."
Wendy T
Director Of Operations
"What I like best about Koncert is the multiplication of my efforts. Before, I was endlessly dialing away, calling hour after hour, sometimes with zero connections. Since starting using Koncert, I am booking ~1-2 appointments per day, clocking 120 calls before lunch."
Patrick D
Business Development Representative
"The Product works - period. I talked to dozens of more people on my lists every day than I would without them."
Nick R
Director, Sales and Marketing
"There’s no other way to prospect as efficiently and keep our sales team selling instead of cold calling."
Derek L
Derek L
Manager of Demand Generation
"We have seen 63% growth in sales outreach month over month using Koncert versus our previous year."
Talmadge Z
Talmadge Z
VP, Enterprise Systems
“Koncert has an innovative platform that is supported by a team of super supportive and intelligent professionals that help my clients achieve business value faster from my engagements. I now partner with them in all relevant client engagements!”
Marlon G
Managing Partner of Inside Sales, Outbound Programs, and Sales Development Consulting
“Koncert enables me and my team to have more conversations with potential prospects in less time than traditional outreach. Not only does this increase in conversation rate result in an increase in meetings, but it also allows for a faster onboarding process for new reps.”
Todd T
Director of Business Development
"Our team has been using Koncert for about a year now and, with over a million dials under our belt, I can definitely say it has increased our overall performance and expanded our reach. We are a distributed team by design, so having tools available to all team members has been critical for success."
Curtis Ropp
Curtis R
"ConnectLeader is a powerful tool and they have great customer service to help you use the tool they way you need to get the results you are targeted. The tool is easy to use and train new MDR/SDRs to use to prospect and build out a pipeline and target a marketing campaign."
Kevin J
Sales Enablement Coach & Inside Sales Business Development Consultant

Personas & Use Cases

Personalized B2B sales engagement software for your whole team.

Account Executives

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Cover 100% of your ideal customers in your target market with personalized messages to each contact. Prospecting made easy. Leads come to you.

SDR Managers

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Dashboards and call recordings help you train and remote coach your SDRs. See how well SDRs are covering their accounts.

Chief Revenue Officers

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Manage pipeline. Find new opportunities. Shorten sales cycles. Get more revenue.

Inside & Field Sales Managers

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Increase your sales team’s productivity. Track the number of dials made, emails sent, call connects, and conversations. Coach your team with call recordings.


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Improve MQL to SQL conversion ratio. Track follow-ups to webinars, inbound leads, and marketing campaigns.


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Improve speed to lead. Route inbound leads to the top of the correct rep’s to-do list. Add to a sales cadence.


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Power up more conversations through phone calls at scale. Send personalized emails based on relevant events. Sequence of multi-channel touches.

Account-Based Sales

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Each sales rep will reach out to a defined number of new contacts per day in the accounts assigned to them. Provide seller autonomy in shaping personalized message creation for their accounts.