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4 Best Methods for B2B Companies to Automate Lead Generation

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In today’s competitive business environment, B2B companies should rely upon efficient sales processes, top talent, and the right marketing technology in order to thrive and grow. At the same time, many sales teams struggle because they continue to rely upon the outdated practice of pushing as many leads as possible into the pipeline and then working them fast. Few salespeople will be surprised to learn that almost half of sales representatives said that they didn’t have the information they needed to effectively close sales calls. Without efficient ways to gather and nurture leads, businesses can’t compete against more sophisticated rivals. Luckily, almost all B2B companies can easily access the technology they need to make their sales teams more efficient and grow their businesses.

Four Ways to Improve Lead Generation and Sales Production

Instead of forcing top salespeople to swim upstream, it might be prudent to consider technology that will provide salespeople what what they need to capture leads and close sales. The most competitive B2B companies employ sales automation in these four ways:

1. Customer Profiling and Personalized Marketing

Offering customers the right marketing content at the right time can generate more leads, better conversions, and improved brand loyalty. Today’s B2B buyers have the same high expectations as B2C customers do — because these people are also regular consumers when they aren’t at work. For instance, CMO Magazine found that personalized emails perform six times better than generic ones.

In many ways, B2B marketers need to catch up to the consumer market. Technology can automate personalized marketing. This individualized approach can deliver emails and other content that will tell each buyer exactly what they want to know.

2. Salesforce Automation

Modern companies need a way to capture and track customers through each stage of the buyer’s journey if they hope to close more sales and gather information to improve their processes. The latest technology can capture visits and content consumption for each prospect, thus giving salespeople more insight into the customer’s interests, needs, and pain points.

When salespeople can see which content prospects had the most interest in, they can make better decisions about handling that prospect. They can also use this data to test and tune their sales and marketing processes in the future.

3. Pre-Sales Automation

Traditional prospecting methods might include mail, TV and radio, signs, trade shows, print ads, and so on. These may not always be replaced but just augmented with technology that can measure results, provide reliable forecasts, and suggest which areas provide the best returns.

This kind of pre-sales automation makes sure that businesses can both gather and utilize the data they need to make good decisions that will help them grow. Salespeople will know how prospects have interacted with their company in the past; they can also determine which prospecting methods have offered them good returns and which haven’t performed so well.

4. Quality Leads Production

Most salespeople would rather have a few well-qualified leads than a great many poorly-qualified ones. Machine intelligence doesn’t get frustrated. AI software can sort through customer data to examine past interactions with and reactions to marketing efforts.

In this way, AI software can score leads, so top producers are focusing most of their time on the leads that are most likely to convert into customers. This keeps sales high and sales people happier.

How to Attract More High-Quality B2B Sales Leads

Successful B2B companies rely upon ConnectLeader’s Click Dialer™, Personal Dialer, and Team Dialer™ for sales dialing technology. Even though many sales dialing systems can start conversations rapidly, they don’t always produce quality leads, usable business intelligence, or high conversions.

ConnectLeader has distinguished its products from competitors with the Adaptilytics™ data intelligence engine. This AI software mines massive amounts of customer data to discern buyer intent. B2B companies thrive when they arm their salespeople with the speed and genius of the best automation tools. 

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