By Ariana Shannon, Creative Director & Marketing Manager of SalesIntel

Sales effectiveness relates to your ability to use sales resources to reach your sales goals or convert leads into customers. On the other hand, sales efficiency is how prudently you allocate the resources and how fast you win sales while still generating a high ROI.

If your sales team increases their sales effectiveness and sales efficiency, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to achieve their productivity targets. Speaking of sales productivity, it is the direct result of sales effectiveness and sales efficiency. It’s basically the output your sales team is expected to produce within the budget and timeframe allotted to them.

It may not be possible for your salespeople to become highly productive overnight. However, the following strategies can push them forward to overcome their challenges and put them on the right path.

What is sales engagement? Read this blog.


4 Best Tips to Increase Sales Productivity for Your B2B Company

Let’s look at some practical ways to expand your B2B company’s sales productivity growth.

1. Use sales engagement to improve sales velocity and multi-channel communication

Choose the best sales engagement software to automate engagement workflows, sequences, and cadences and effectively engage with prospects across multiple channels such as SMS, social media, call, chat, and email. Sales engagement strengthens buyer engagement and reduces sales cycle time. Additionally, it helps with optimized sales reporting, training and coaching, and lead scoring.

Multi-channel, integrated B2B sales engagement platforms like ConnectLeader are great options to empower your sales team to crush their goals. ConnectLeader helps strategically engage your leads across multiple communication channels, prioritize your most qualified leads, and scale B2B sales productivity up to 800%.

With this all-in-one software, you can use sales engagement tools like predictive AI, an advanced dialer stack, inbound lead routing, customizable sales sequencing, and on-demand data enrichment to boost your sales productivity.

2. Take advantage of sales intelligence to better connect with prospects and close deals

Having authentic sales intelligence data for your targeted prospects puts you in the driver’s seat during the sales process. It equips you to contact your target accounts early in their buyer’s journey and create opportunities to close deals faster. Use sales intelligence to save your prospecting time, prepare for outbound calls or demos, and collect reliable contact and company data for your target audience.

RevDriver, a free Chrome extension, is an advanced sales intelligence tool that allows you to gather accurate and verified data for prospects by simply visiting their LinkedIn profile or company website. Freemium RevDriver users get to reveal B2B contact and company data for 100 contacts per month and export the data to their CRM or marketing automation platform.

VisitorIntel is another sales intelligence tool that tracks visitors on your B2B website and lets you know which company they work for. This analytics-driven feature then provides mobile numbers and direct dials for decision-makers at companies that have visited your website.

3. Implement an effective sales cadence to support your productivity improvement plan

No two prospects engage or convert in the same way or through the same channel. Create a well-thought, research-backed sales cadence that includes different touchpoints and channels to increase your B2B sales productivity. Sales cadences allow for:

  • Regular follow-ups to increase the chances of deal closure
  • Accelerated movement of leads across the sales funnel
  • Consistency between each prospect interaction
    Reps to eliminate guesswork during the sales process
  • Targeting prospects with an omnichannel, personalized approach

Choose a sales cadence software that enables you to implement your B2B sales productivity strategy at scale while allowing you to reach the right leads at the right time and personalize sales engagement.

For example, Koncert Cadence helps increase B2B sales productivity by enabling users to create multi-channel, structured outbound cadences and increase their sales engagement by 2x with automated, scalable workflows. It boosts sales rep productivity with agent-assisted dialing (calls to 125+ leads per hour), helps target the best leads first, and capture and sync rep activity with CRMs like Salesforce.

You can also use Koncert Cadence to personalize one-off emails and LinkedIn touches, create industry and persona-specific cadences, coach new sales hires, and construct AI-created lead scores.

4. Leverage intent data to identify interested prospects even before they raise their hand

Use intent data to know which businesses are actively researching your products or services long before they visit your website or identify themselves to you. This will help you prioritize accounts indicating active demand and focus on accounts that are most likely to convert.

Using intent data is also a proven strategy to reduce your sales cycle and quickly jump through the buying stages by reaching out to businesses that are already interested in you. Intent or topic score informs you which intent topics specific to your brand are being actively researched by businesses. It also informs you of the activity level and content consumption of accounts for those topics.

While intent data can deliver up to 4X pipeline expansion, combining it with B2B contact and company data gives you better results contributing to your sales productivity. The combination of Bombora’s Company Surge Intent data and SalesIntel’s 95% accurate, human-verified B2B data is an excellent example to look at. It helps you identify interested accounts and makes the B2B contact and company data you need available to reach and push them down the sales funnel.

Wrapping Up

Ready to crush your B2B sales productivity goals? These four key strategies will set your sales team up to reach the productivity level your B2B company needs. Before you start implementing them, ensure your CRM contains clean and up-to-update data, so you can make the best of your sales efforts.

Use on-demand data enrichment solutions to enrich your data. You can expand your B2B sales target list and identify bad data to get rid of it from your CRM. Giving you an added advantage, the enriched data provides new data insights and is human-verified to maintain top-notch data accuracy.



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