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Guide to Sales Automation Tools - Boost Your Sales Process

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What is Sales Automation?

One of the most significant business needs is efficiency. In our high-paced world, staying on top of the grueling demands of mind-numbing, time-consuming data entry tasks can seem impossible. 

What your business needs is an automation solution. Sales automation tools automatically handle administrative tasks to free up sales professionals to engage in meaningful customer interactions and close more deals. 

Manual tasks like dialing limit sales reps to maybe 30 calls per day, if they’re lucky! A sales automation tool like Koncert’s dialers provides parallel-line support that can engage in 100-plus calls an hour

You’ll notice the improved productivity in the streamlined workflows. Real-time reporting provides you with a new level of sales forecasting accuracy; your sales funnel will be healthier than ever. 

In this article, we explore sales automation tools, like those through Koncert, the benefits you can expect, and what functionality to look for when choosing the right solution for your organization! 


What to Look For in Sales Automation Tools

Sales automation tools need to have the functionality you use rather than bloated tools. Getting the most from your sales automation software comes down to having the proper functions that ease the mundane workload of your sales professionals. Some must-have sales automation tools you should have are: 

  • Automation capabilities. Automation allows for more time to engage in sales activities. Koncert Dialers have automatic disposition labels that automatically funnel qualified leads while marking their position in the sales process. With more than a dozen labels, you can automate more of the sales process and free sales reps to engage in face-to-face interactions.
  • Organizational capabilities. What happens when you have a stack of uncallable numbers? Elimination doesn’t make sense as telecom companies recycle numbers, leading to potential missed opportunities. Koncert Dialers allow calls to move to a “parking lot” status for follow-up. Plus, automatic call recording will enable you to coach, perform keyword research, or perform customer support. 
  • Intuitive user interface. Optimizing your workflow to reduce time-consuming manual tasks means having an intuitive user interface. Sales teams don’t have time to learn how to navigate clunky sales automation platforms; many reps will forego using it altogether. Koncert’s user interface is deliberately easy to use and streamlines the entire sales cycle. 
  • Pipeline management capabilities. The best sales automation tools will have predictive pipeline management capabilities, allowing sales reps to nurture leads early in the sales process. Sales professionals enjoy automated contact data, including phone numbers, to allow for streamlined sales engagements. Koncert Dialers can also remove non-interested parties, allowing engaged leads to stand out. 
  • Salesforce CRM and technology stack integration. Moving from app to app doesn’t scream optimization. Instead, Koncert integrates with your current sales CRM software, allowing sales tasks to take place in one place. 
  • Reporting and analytics. Metrics and real-time notifications are critical in managing business outlooks. Sales management has access to custom sales reports for specific company workflows, which are easy to create and provide valuable insight into your sales prospecting, email campaigns, or social media outreach.

Sales automation tools without these features are limiting their company’s bottom line. Automation doesn’t have to feel like spam. Koncert’s full SOC 2 certification ensures team members fully understand the state-by-state legalities regarding automated phone dialing. This functionality is strictly for B2B sales and may not be appropriate for small businesses or B2C-oriented automation. 


7 Best Sales Automation Tools

Sales and marketing automation are taking over, allowing sales reps to complete more in less time. Repetitive administrative tasks no longer keep sales teams from building solid customer relationships and closing deals. But how do you decide which sales automation platform to use for your automation solution? Here are 7 of the best sales automation tools out there, each with features from e-commerce to lead scoring and everything in between. 



Few sales sequencers offer multi-channel support, including email sequences, SMS outreach, social media support, and creating videos on the fly. The Koncert Cadence includes these features plus total automation, including built-in dialer technology. Sales managers love the Remote Coach® and whisper mode functions that help guide new agents through the customer journey. 



HubSpot Sales is a cloud-based automation software solution with tools to aid every sales process step. The HubSpot platform uses email templates, automated follow-up tasks, and a click-to-call dialer to give sales agents control over their contact list. While the free plan offers limited functionality, the HubSpot Sales starter level costs $40 but explodes to $3200 for enterprise-level support. 



Another big-name automation software solution company is Zendesk. Zendesk offers CRM software that includes contact management, activity tracking, and lead generation capabilities. The most prominent feature is the open API support to integrate with existing tech stacks that unite the platform. It’s easy to set up and run analytics and provides cheaper options ranging from $19 to $150. 



Woodpecker uses AI to save time with repetitive tasks. It offers A/B testing features to improve performance, and a host of email tools, much like Mail Chimp. These email tools extend to email verification and contact control features. Woodpecker’s software costs up to $49, depending on the outreach features. But if LinkedIn isn’t necessary to you, Woodpecker has cheaper plans to choose from. 



The goal of Leadiro is to provide accurate B2B sales data. Leadiro is excellent for lead generation, and the account-based marketing features are competitive. With Leadiro, sales agents can access a massive database of company contact details, including job titles. You can sign up for a free trial plan, but a premium membership will run $259 for 5000 contact downloads.



Pipedrive is just right for small businesses, primarily because of the affordable pricing structure that starts at $12.50 and is only $100 for enterprise-level support. It features team collaborations, sales rep insights, real-time reporting, activity monitors, sales forecasting, and revenue prediction. Pipedrive also features extensive API support for app integration across the entire salesforce.



Outreach.io is one of the biggest names in sales automation tools. It promises total pipeline generation automation, which helps with outbound sales, leads nurturing, account-based marketing, and personalized email campaigns. Companies also have access to real-time pipeline analytics to aid buyer engagement, predictive AI to enhance forecasting and single dashboard integration. Pricing isn’t available, but a demo is. 


Streamline Your Sales Process with Koncert

Sales automation tools help free sales reps from tedious administrative tasks and opens time for sales activities that boosts revenue. Automating all or part of your sales process helps manage a large number of sales leads without sacrificing the quality your customers demand. 

Several automation solutions exist with various levels of functions and integrations. Koncert Dialers are a simple automation tool that saves an outrageous amount of time and money. It’s only one example of the AI-driven tools that will help reduce time-consuming manual tasks. 

In addition to dialers, Koncert’s other automation tools like Koncert Cadence provides user-friendly solutions, and qualifying B2B companies can explore the features and benefits today by requesting a demo. Be sure to ask about free trial periods and let the results speak for themselves.

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