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Here’s How to Boost Your Sales with Call Monitoring Software

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What is Call Monitoring and Why Do You Need It?

Call center managers, sales managers, and contact center agents all benefit from a simple tool — call monitoring. You might say you already have a business phone system that uses VoIP, an IVR, and various monitoring tools. Yet your metrics, call routing, and new agents all fail to meet expectations.

What you need is a more effective call monitoring system — with Koncert.

Call recordings are only the tip of the iceberg. With Koncert, you can streamline and automate ongoing call KPIs, manage agent performance, and boost your revenue — all from a single integrated CRM platform

In this article, we will review the benefits of call monitoring for your agents, support team, and senior leadership. Plus, discover for yourself all the benefits Koncert has to offer, and with a demo, see how it’s the contact center solution you’ve been looking for! 


Key Features of a Call Monitoring Software

Keeping your salesforce productive means utilizing every tool at your disposal. That means call monitoring software. Koncert’s sales engagement platform has all the key benefits you need to help manage your call center agents, including: 

  • Live monitoring. Real-time assistance is critical in closing deals. It’s also vital for delivering an excellent customer experience. Live monitoring allows you to tap into your agent’s phone calls in real-time, allowing you to provide feedback through call whispering mode. Call whisper mode will enable you to speak directly to your sales agent without the prospect hearing. It’s invaluable during particularly challenging calls. 
  • Call recording. You can’t be on every single call with every agent. Plus, you have far too much to do to listen in on live calls all day, so the only solution is live call recording. Koncert provides recordings and transcripts, allowing you to coach your sales reps from specific examples. 
  • CRM Integration. Navigating several programs is the enemy of productivity. But with CRM integration, your recordings, data, and other call activities are available in one place. This integration allows you and your sales reps the chance to see everything at once, from a bird’s-eye level. 
  • Customization capabilities. Not every KPI bears the same weight. Koncert allows full customization of dashboards to display the key performance indicators you need to optimize your sales teams. You’ll also enjoy call handle numbers, performance, customer satisfaction, and engagement reports, right at your fingertips. 

Real-time access to your team’s performance leads to a better experience for your customers or potential sales leads. Synchronize the entire management team using this vital tool. 


The Benefits of Call Monitoring Software

Call monitoring software isn’t just another bloated app that adds busy work instead of closing deals. Instead, it’s a vital tool for improving your bottom line. You might not know it yet, but there are several benefits to call monitoring software. 

  • Boosted productivity. Let’s face it. We’ve all had that chatty Cathy who manages to string calls along for forever. Call monitoring software allows you to check in on those agents stuck on these calls, helping them move the conversation forward. The customized dashboards with Koncert will enable you to keep an eye on live metrics, preventing those extended customer interactions. 
  • Revenue increase. There’s a myth that contact centers are cost centers. The guidance you can give by applying meaning to your sales data will have you closing more deals quicker. You can monitor both inbound and outbound calls to ensure that even your new agents follow scripts and use trusted sales practices to capture every opportunity. 
  • Learning opportunities for the team. Agent performance comes from knowledge. You can have meaningful coaching with your agents using recorded calls, transcripts, and integrated data. Agents who hear their own calls versus successful calls allow them to learn from mistakes improving your sales numbers. But only if you provide them with this vital tool. 
  • Analytic capabilities. Call monitoring provides live metrics and analytical abilities, so you can discover where your customers are dropping off calls. The real-time sentiment analysis can clue you in on potential issues allowing you to focus on performance and customer support. 

Of course, the benefits don’t stop there. You can quickly reduce training time, capture market data, and uncover inefficiencies. Don’t take our word for it; discover all the benefits Koncert brings to your team for yourself by requesting a demo today! 


How to Boost Sales with Call Monitoring Software

Your role as a leader is not only to boost sales but also to be a coach. But how do you provide meaningful coaching with so many distractions? Koncert’s Remote Coach® functionality allows you to aid sales reps in real-time. 

Remote Coach® integrates whisper mode to tap into your agent’s calls while remaining unheard by the prospect. You can also head off problems by taking control using the barge-in feature. Yet, to boost your sales, you’ll need a few key insights. 


Define Expectations

Naturally, your team might have some concerns about “big brother” listening in on their calls. Let them know that call monitoring software is a benefit, not spycraft. Show them how you will use live call monitoring, why it will improve their results, and what KPIs you’re looking for. 

Further set expectations by letting them know the standards and templates you will monitor. These expectations will allow you to perform call center quality monitoring without the team feeling like they cannot execute their best calls. 


Reinvent the Process

Koncert provides numerous features for monitoring calls, allowing managers to reinvent how to provide feedback. As you listen to calls, review transcripts, and analyze your metrics, you will uncover trends to help implement actionable changes. Your sales team can then respond with improved performance. 

Using speech analytics data, combined with dialing information, you can even dive deeper into your metrics. With so many tools at your disposal, thanks to Koncert, you’ll uncover root causes you never knew existed.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

People value a great experience over pricing. That’s your competitive advantage. But with queues stacking up, workflows untouched, and agent performance teetering, customer experience can be at risk. 

Your call center monitoring software needs an update, and Koncert’s call monitoring features and CRM integration helps build better customer relationships. Call center managers can then follow up with quality assurance concerns; your prospects will hear the difference!  


Easily Monitor Customer Calls with Koncert

You don’t have to wait for a scathing social media post to gauge customer satisfaction. Instead, implementing quality call monitoring software to your toolkit allows you to prevent that frightening scenario and provides untold benefits to your team. 

Not any call monitoring software will do, though. Koncert’s monitoring solutions provide real-time call monitoring with whisper modes, barge controls, and customizable KPI reporting. 

You’ll also enjoy a streamlined workflow that uses CRM integrations to boost overall functionality, increase agent performance, and capture every possible dollar! 

Don’t waste another minute on outdated technology; take Koncert out for a demo today. See for yourself how call monitoring can benefit your team and start blowing your metrics out of the water. Plus, you might just find additional solutions for your call center needs!

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