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Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Sales Acceleration Software

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Salesforce is one of the most powerful sales tools available, which is proven by the company’s continued success. However, it isn’t simply enough to utilize just Salesforce. CRM systems will organize all of your data for you, but they won’t help you advance the pace of sales. To take full advantage of Salesforce, you need to go a step further.

This is where Salesforce software integration comes in. When sales acceleration software is integrated with Salesforce CRM, it reduces the length of the sales cycle, increases productivity and revenue. Below, we are going to discuss some of the specific benefits you will enjoy by focusing on Salesforce integration:

1. Prioritizing Leads

Your sales team’s time is extremely valuable, so you want to know that they’re talking to only the most valuable prospects. By using powerful predictive analytics, you will be able to define your target audience and score prospects based on criteria you set. This ensures that you're always reaching out to the most valuable prospects first, leading to more high-quality conversations.

2. Knowing When to Reach Out

Another benefit of using sales acceleration software is that it will help you not only know who to call, but when to call them. With the right software, you can track when you’re reaching specific people and use that information to analyze the best time to call future prospects to ensure they actually answer your calls.

3. Ensuring Accurate Data

Duplication is a common problem among all CRMs, whether information is entered manually or automated incorrectly. You’re likely to run into a variety of common CRM data problems such as prospects listed more than once, data that’s too old to be useful, or a lack of necessary data. You may run into additional mistakes when data is analyzed manually.

A strong Salesforce integration provides clean, non-duplicated data that’s updated in real-time. This allows you to rest easy and trust the information you’re working with.

4. Greater Efficiency

A great example of Salesforce acceleration software making a sales team’s job easier is a sales dialer. Dialing into prospects manually takes a lot of time and often results in frustration when you don’t have the right tools. Your reps are constantly running into dead numbers and hang-ups. A good dialing solution, however, can dialer much faster, improving your chances of success,

As a leading Salesforce partner, ConnectLeader uses predictive analytics to prioritize and sort through your sales leads and makes dialing more efficient than ever before. You’ll have more conversations with your most qualified leads. Get started on your Salesforce CRM integration and dialer journey by reaching out to ConnectLeader today.

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