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Sales Email Automation Yields Higher Sales Productivity

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As a professional salesperson, you know that time is your most valuable asset. You also know that in order to keep your sales pipeline full while you are a busy closing new business, you need to regularly contact new prospects via "cold emails." Cold emails are often your first effort at contacting people who don't know you, your company, or your product. If you spend too much of your time sending these emails, you limit the time for making face-to-face or phone sales calls. 

One way to free up your time and still keep those cold emails flowing is to automate the cold email process. There are lots of ways to do that, but perhaps the best idea is to use sales email automation software that is specifically designed to minimize your involvement while keeping the cold emails flowing to your suspects and prospects. One of the most dangerous things a salesperson can do is to get really busy working on their hottest prospects while neglecting the need to keep their sales pipeline filled with longer-term prospects.


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Having a system that automatically sends out cold emails is one of the best ways to keep that pipeline full at all times.

Yield Higher Sales Productivity With Sales Email Automation

Vary Your Approach and the Content of Your Message

Just as you have learned to vary your approach with phone calls, texts, and social media contacts you need to vary your message when sending cold emails. Sales automation software allows you to try many different approaches and check to see what messages are opened and which messages generate a response from your targets.

Sales email automation is a critical success factor for high performance sales teams. In order to be successful, a salesperson needs to spend as much time as possible directly interacting with qualified prospects. Sales email automation software automates the process of the suspect and prospect follow up and sales productivity increases exponentially. This means that the prospecting function needs to be going on all the time behind the scenes using tools like:

  • Email Tracking
  • Email Automation
  • Outbound Email
  • Cold Email Tools
  • Sales Emails
  • Regular Sales Prospecting

Sales automation software is the absolute best way to make a sales team more productive. Manually sending cold emails is generally ineffective and sales email automation software can dramatically improve the process.

Sales Email Automation Can be Linked with Customer Resource Management (CRM) and Lead Management System

Most sales email automation software packages can be linked with other CRMs like Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho CRM, LeadMaster, Bulllhorn, GoldMine, etc., which allows you to be even more efficient in automating your prospecting activities. All your outbound emails can be pre-scheduled, and you are automatically notified when a prospect opens and reads your email. If they open one email, another can be sent as a follow-up, and/or you can choose to make direct follow-ups. You can have a "canned" set of response emails that tell the prospect what the next step will be in your sales process or where to go for more information. You can also automatically include attachments and links to additional information that will help move a prospect through the sales cycle while you are working with your best prospects.

You can build in alerts that notify you when a prospect has accessed one of your resources or has been in contact with other resources like chat lines or calling in for additional information. The sales email automation process can become the core of an effective sales follow-up system.

Outbound Email Automation for Sales Emails Fills Sales Pipelines

Automatically scheduling sales prospecting using cold email tools and email tracking is a much more disciplined approach to filling your sales pipeline. Ideally, your pipeline includes prospects of varying degrees of interest. You can develop and send different emails for different stages of the sales process and even develop a sales workflow that sends different messages to different types of prospects depending on where they are in the sales cycle. When you are away from your computer, in training or working with your hotter prospects, regular cold emails do not happen. Automate the process and keep your pipeline full. 

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