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15 Ways Salesforce Dialer Software Helps in Business Development

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Business development is one of the most difficult aspects of B2B sales and marketing. Not only do you have to find ways to prospect and identify new accounts, but you also need to find new ways to grow existing accounts, too. It's such a tall task that without the right tools, it's almost impossible to succeed.

One of the very best tools in your business development arsenal will be a Salesforce dialer. By giving your sales team the ability to dial into prospects and accounts directly within Salesforce, you’ll see an incredible variety of benefits.

Read on for 15 ways a Salesforce dialer helps your B2B sales team with their business development.

15 Benefits of Salesforce Dialer Software

1. Gives Salespeople More Time to Sell

The simplest, and perhaps the most important, the benefit of a dialer for Salesforce is that it saves your sales rep a great deal of time. Instead of having to manually pull up each prospect’s information and dial the number, your sales reps click on the number in Salesforce and are connected to prospects who are ready to talk. This ensures that they spend their time doing what they know how to do best — selling. 

2. Keeps Your Sales Leads Warm

An important aspect of dialing through your sales leads quickly and effectively is that it keeps them warm. If your sales team dials through their lists manually, it takes longer. This gives your leads time to cool off, forget about you, or maybe even close a deal with one of your competitors. An efficient Salesforce dialer ensures that your leads are always kept warm and engaged with your sales team.

3. Offers Real-Time Data

As you work to grow your business, understanding what’s working and what isn’t working is critically important. The best Salesforce dialer will give you real-time insights and reports at the click of a button. You’ll be able to look at things like overall sales, average call time, and even when salespeople are logging in and out of the calling system. This clarity allows you to effectively manage your team and react quickly to any potential issues.

4. Improves Sales Reps Performance

Your sales reps will naturally perform better with Salesforce dialing software simply because they’re getting more chances to talk to prospects. But they’ll also improve their own skills in a faster time for the same exact reason. The more opportunities they get to talk to prospects, the more comfortable they’ll be. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and the right sales dialer technology makes it possible to get practice in quicker than ever.

5. Grows Accounts Naturally

Once you break into an account, it’s critical that you’re able to maintain and grow those prospects. In fact, only a 5% increase in retention can grow revenue by up to 95%! With a correct dialer for Salesforce leads, you’ll be able to ensure that accounts are kept warm and given proper attention by optimizing and setting a proper multi-channel B2B sales cadence. Old prospects and accounts will never fall off the radar again, which means you’ll be one step closer to maximizing the value of each account.

6. Scrubs Information Automatically

A proper Salesforce outbound sales dialer is more than a phone dialing tool. It integrates directly with your Salesforce CRM and keeps data clean. Any outdated or disconnected numbers will be updated and scrubbed. Notes and logs of calls can be automatically linked to customer accounts so your salespeople always have the information they need at their fingertips. You’ll even be able to track information like the best time of day to call a particular contact.

7. Provides Incredible Agility

The calling software makes your sales team efficient, allowing them to run through sales lists at a rapid rate. Think of times when your sales team needs to work extra hard to talk to as many of their clients and prospects as possible. Perhaps there’s a sale or promotion that needs to be pushed, or maybe an outside factor like a legal change or even inclement weather that will drive a need in your customer base. Whatever the case might be, your Salesforce dialer software gives you the flexibility to quickly reach your most important customers when it matters the most.

8. Drives Better Personalization

Personalized sales tactics drive a greater number of conversions, period. The best sales dialer solution gives sales agents the information that they need prior to taking a call and speaking to a prospect. That means they have a little bit of time to prepare and strategize a pitch tailored to the person on the other end of the line. In turn, this keeps the prospect engaged and ultimately leads to a greater chance that they’ll convert.

9. Leaves Voicemails for You

A dialer will let you easily leave a voicemail for prospects. Make sure your message is short, intriguing, and most important, personalized to that potential customer. 

10. Optimizes Call Lists for You

Even with the very best sales team and the very best sales engagement software, sometimes there’s simply not enough time in the day to talk to everybody that you want to. In those cases, it’s important that you make the most important phone calls first. Salesforce dialer software will be able to automatically analyze your call lists and tell you the most valuable leads that you should call first. You’ll have more high-value prospects than ever before.

11. Makes Managing Easy

A great sales team needs a great leader, and effective leaders must be able to coach and train on-the-fly. You’ll need the ability to pop in and listen to any phone call for training or information purposes, and you’ll need the ability to communicate with your agents without the client knowing. This makes it easy to on-board new hires and provide ongoing training to your existing team while allowing them to work and be productive at the same time.

12. Using Local Phone Numbers

When people see a 1-800 phone number or one that’s out of state, they’re not going to rush to pick up the phone. Salesforce dialer software will automatically show the outbound number as a local one, ensuring that the prospects are more likely to trust the call and pick up the phone. Considering the volume of phone calls that your dialer will be able to make, even a minimal impact on the overall answer rate will lead to a noticeable increase in conversations.

13. Bypasses Gatekeepers

Some Salesforce dialers even come with a dedicated team of human agents behind them that can automatically navigate past gatekeepers and complicated phone trees without your sales team having to pick up the phone. The human agents make those dialers the equivalent of human power dialers. Once an actual decision-maker in the organization is reached, the dialing team will hand off the call to you automatically. This gives your team unprecedented access to prospects without having to fight past gatekeepers—one of the least pleasant aspects of the process.

14. Integrates with Email

Salesforce dialer software should do more than just make phone calls. It should integrate into your entire CRM and help streamline communications. For example, you should be able to send emails directly through your dialer. For example, after talking to a prospect, with only a few clicks, you can send them a welcome packet with all the pertinent information. This saves your sales team even more time and ensures that they never forget to follow up and capitalize on a conversation that went well.

15. Makes Your Sales Team Happy

All sales reps appreciate making sales and watching their commission check grow. A Salesforce phone dialer connects them to more people and gives them more time to sell, which will naturally have a positive impact on their own bottom line. At the very least, you’ll save a ton of money by reducing employee turnover.

It’s easy to see how the right Salesforce dealer software could have a significant impact on your business development and company. Your sales team will be more efficient, and you’ll have more prospects than ever before.

Of course, the key is to find the right Salesforce dialer software in the first place. If you’re ready to bring your outbound phone sales to the next level, make sure to reach out to us here at Koncert today. 

We’ll be happy to talk to you about how you can get up and running with a terrific Salesforce dialer. All you have to do is click here or give us a call at 800-955-5040.


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