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Tips to improve your Sales Productivity with a Sales Cadence Software

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Sales cadence is the process of systematically touching a sales suspect or prospect on a regular basis. Sales cadence email and salesforce sales cadence, of course refers to the process of contacting suspects via email as part of a sales cadence plan and a sales cadence call is one of the calls in the process.

Sales professionals know that they must typically contact a suspect at least 7-10 times before the prospect pays any attention to them. Because prospects are bombarded with information, advertising and repeated attempts to “get their attention,” they are often immune to the first several forays.

Knowing this, sales people in the past tried to systematically reach out to suspects at regular intervals or according to a “cadence.’ They would put reminders into calendars and send out emails or try calling them according to a schedule. If they got busy closing business or were on a business trip, the emails likely were not sent according to their manual sales cadence plan and sales cadence calls did not happen

Automate Your Sales Cadence Plan

Here are some ways that salesforce sales cadence software can increase your sales productivity.

  • Send sales cadence emails automatically on a pre-defined schedule.
  • Make sales cadence calls as follow up according to your sales cadence plan
  • Vary the delivery and cadence so the calls are not predictable
  • Use different delivery methods including texts, and social media posts
  • Automate the calling process using auto dialing tools

Tips to Improve Your Sales Productivity with Sales Cadence Software

  1. Develop target market profiles describing your ideal prospect and make sure all sales cadence calls and sales cadence emails are sent to the right prospects in the first place
  2. Create multiple messages with varied content and then test the outcomes to see what works best
  3. Schedule sales cadence emails and sales cadence calls for different days of the week and times of the day again tracking to see what times work best
  4. If you are automating the messages for delivery to voice mail, vary the voice (male, female, old, young, etc.) and see what gets returned
  5. Make sure all inbound and outbound calls are recorded, documented and automatically stored in Customer Resource Management and Lead Management Systems
  6. Add a chatting capability to your website and again document all the conversations
  7. Develop an automated workflow describing what leads go where, how they are followed up and what happens to them after contact is made
  8. Test, test and retest. Don't allow your sales cadence plan to become stale. Keep it working for you.

Salesforce Sales Cadence

Salesforce sales cadence is easy to automate and customize using sales automation tools. Some of the sales cadence software packages also include an ability to inject data collected from the sales process into your existing CRM or sales follow up system. This "injected data" makes it easier to automate the sales cadence emails and sales cadence calls so sales teams spent their time selling rather than managing systems.

Sales Cadence Planning Helps Fill Sales Pipelines and Close More Business

Creating and implementing a sales cadence plan is one of the most effective ways to quickly convert leads into prospects. Properly designed, the sales cadence plan will automatically touch prospects at every stage of the sales process. Sales cadence software automatically creates sales cadence emails and outbound sales cadence calls so the follow up process for sales cadence happens automatically with no need for manual intervention. While sales people are in training, meetings, traveling or otherwise engaged, the automated sales cadence process keeps things moving.

Automate the Sales Cadence Call Process for Consistent Results

Automating sales cadence calling is one of the most powerful ways to keep the sale process moving smoothly. Unlike in the past where sales people had to create a follow up schedule, dial their phones, wait to be connected and hope to actually talk with a prospect, an automatic sales cadence system software consistently delivers new prospects ready to talk about their needs.

Just like cadence keeps soldiers or band members marching together towards a common goal, a sales cadence call process can keep a sales team marching towards success.  

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