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What Are the Benefits of Sales Enablement Software?

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What Is Sales Enablement Software?

Sales enablement is an integral part of any company's sales process, and it can be a significant factor in helping sales teams close more deals. 

Nearly 85% of sales reps reported hitting their quotas when given a solid sales enablement strategy.

Sales enablement software helps sales teams close deals as it maximizes their potential and equips them with sales readiness. It provides them with the tools and optimization they need to succeed — including tools for better prospecting, lead engagement tools, content libraries, templates, and contact and sales management tools. 

Sales enablement software also includes knowledge management solutions that help sales reps better understand their customers and needs. By providing sales reps with the information and tools they need, this software can serve as a sales playbook and help them sell more effectively.

This article will talk about examples of sales enablement software, the various platforms available in the market today, and their key features that can help your business grow.

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How Does a Sales Team Use Sales Enablement?

A sales enablement strategy is essential for aligning the sales and marketing teams to target the same audience. It helps ensure that the sales team has the information and tools they need to be successful.  

Marketers create materials that are helpful for the sales team, such as buyer personas, target market information, product descriptions, sales collaterals, and other marketing content. The sales team uses marketing data to determine which prospects to focus on. By working together, the sales and marketing teams can create a cohesive strategy that will help them reach their target audience.

Sales enablement solutions can also help improve communication and the relationship between the two teams, leading to a more productive and efficient organization.

When both teams are working towards the same goal, they better understand each other's roles and how they contribute to the company's overall success. This improved communication can lead to a more productive and efficient sales process.

Sales enablement is an essential tool for any company that wants to improve its sales and marketing efforts. By working together, the sales and marketing teams can create a strategy that will help them reach their target audience. 

Examples of Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement tools help salespeople sell more effectively. Here are some examples of sales enablement tools:

  • Email sequences
  • Prospecting with automation
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRMs)

Email Sequences

Sales enablement tools come in all shapes and sizes, but email sequences are one of the most common. 

An email sequence is a series of automated emails that are sent to a prospect or customer based on a set of predetermined rules—whether through triggers or amount of time.

Many different email sequences can be used to help with sales outreach. Some common sequences include:

  • Welcome email sequence
  • Onboarding email sequence
  • Abandon cart email sequence
  • Re-engagement email sequence
  • Nurturing email sequence
  • Product launch emails
  • Event invitations

Each sequence has a specific goal that it is trying to achieve. For example, a welcome email sequence aims to introduce a new customer to your company and its products or services. A follow-up email sequence seeks to convert a prospect into a customer. A nurturing email aims to boost customer support and build relationships.

Prospecting with Automation

Some tools allow sales reps to automate specific tasks or processes, saving them time and energy.

Automation tools link emails to calendars or allow prospective clients to set up meetings themselves. There are also call automation tools that can help reach prospects when they are at scale and can improve your sales team’s productivity.

Other tools schedule emails to be sent at a later time, track the responses to your messages, set up email reminders, and automatically set up meetings with potential clients. 

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Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) are platforms used to manage and organize customer data. CRMs are a sales enablement tool that can be used for sales organizations and to manage customer relationships. 

CRMs allow you to keep track of customers' contact information, account history, and purchase data throughout the buyer’s journey. This information can then create targeted social media and marketing campaigns, providing a better customer experience.

There are several different sales CRM platforms available, both online and offline. Some of the more popular online CRMs include Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and Zoho CRM. Offline CRMs include Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle Sales Cloud. 

Sales Enablement Platforms

Sales enablement platforms are a type of software that helps sales teams achieve higher productivity and effectiveness. They provide tools and resources that allow sales professionals to find and connect with potential customers more efficiently and to better understand and serve their current ones. 

Sales enablement platforms can help sales teams, but it's essential to choose one that fits your needs. Here are some of them:

  • Highspot
  • Guru
  • Hubspot
  • Koncert


Highspot offers enterprise-level features and integrations—from sales content management to pitching and sales analytics. 

Some of its features include:

  • Content management and a sales content library that can be accessed by sales reps on any device
  • Sellers’ guide that comes with dynamic sales playbooks and AI-driven guidance and recommendations
  • Onboarding, sales training, and sales coaching reps accessible by sales reps whenever they need it
  • Analytics that enable sales reps to track their customers' real-time engagement and other metrics


Guru is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that can be accessed from anywhere, with no software to install or maintain. 

Guru provides users with the ability to manage their sales cycle more effectively and all within the sales team’s workflow. With features like lead management, opportunity tracking, and product catalogs, users can keep all their sales data in one place and easily accessible. 

Guru has several integrations, including Slack, Microsoft Outlook and Teams, Zapier, Salesforce, Wistia, and Zendrive, making it easy to keep your sales data and initiatives up-to-date.


Hubspot is a software as a service (SaaS) company that provides sales and marketing automation tools to help small businesses and enterprises grow. The platform makes it easier for sales teams to identify and close deals by automating tasks like lead capture and qualification, email marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Hubspot also offers a wide range of educational resources to help businesses learn how to use the platform effectively. These resources include tutorials, webinars, and blog posts. 

Additionally, Hubspot has a large community of users who can share tips and advice on how to get the most out of the platform.


Koncert is an all-in-one multi channel sales engagement and sales enablement platform with personalization at scale. Koncert enables sales reps to easily find and connect with potential customers, track customer interactions, and more. 

Koncert's powerful platform helps reps to increase conversations with prospects by to up to 800%. The software’s tracking and reporting features and functionalities help you measure the effectiveness of your sales enablement efforts. 

Koncert's integration with leading CRMs makes it easy to connect with your sales team and quickly get them up to speed. 

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Properly Equip Your Sales Team with Koncert

Sales enablement platforms are a great way to equip your sales team with the tools to succeed. By providing your team with the right resources, you can help them close more deals — increasing the B2B sales and bottom line for your company. 

Koncert is one of many sales enablement platforms on the market today. Its wealth of sales tools, features, and customizable options is an ideal solution for any business looking to boost its sales performance management. 

With Koncert, you can provide your sales reps with everything they need to know about your products and services and insights into your customers’ purchasing behavior.

If you’re ready to streamline and see an improvement in your sales process, contact us today to learn more about how Koncert can help you boost your sales productivity. Get a free quote on pricing here!


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