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Arctic Wolf Customer Success Story


Arctic Wolf networks a provider of IT security solutions needed to accelerate their revenue generation process. They chose Agent-Assisted Dialer from Koncert because of their tight integration with Salesforce, great customer support, and technology. Now their inside sales teams make 150 to 200 calls in a 90 minute period. 

The Customer

Arctic Wolf Networks provides a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to organizations needing hacker detection and response alerts. The cloud-based service delivers actionable security intelligence, specific to customer networks, from the company’s trained security engineers--without the cost or complexity typically associated with in-house IT security expertise.

The Challenge


  • Not enough prospecting calls per day
  • Telemarketing firms are too expensive
  • Telemarketing firms delivering poor quality leads
  • Limited reporting capabilities across the sales process

Selling cloud-based services is very competitive, especially when selling IT security services as a start-up organization. Arctic Wolf is fully aware of the competitive sales environment and hired an inside sales team to make approximately 150 cold calls per day, per person from an acquired prospecting list. The sales team found this process difficult because they did not have prior insight into the calling targets. The purchased list only contained names, titles, and phone numbers, sales agents simply started at the first name and dialed down the list until a prospect answered. Upon answering, the sales agent had ten seconds to deliver the pitch and qualify the target for an introductory PowerPoint presentation. However, Michael Yallech, Arctic Wolf’s Head of Sales, knew they could do better.

Yallech enlisted the help of several outside telemarketing firms to shorten the lead process but found the $600 price per lead too expensive. In addition, the leads who purchased often did not know who Arctic Wolf was when Yallech’s sales team called to set up introductory product demonstrations.
“These telemarketing firms would send us any warm bodies who didn’t even know why we were calling to follow up,” Yallech said. “We needed a better process to engage in meaningful conversations with our targeted prospects.”

Firing the telemarketing firms, Yallech scaled his inside sales team to four callers and brought the entire lead nurturing process in-house. To augment his sales team’s calling attempts, Yallech began to search for a better calling method.

“It's not just a matter of us hiring more people for sales, it's a matter of tightening up the qualification process,” Yallech stated. “So when we do get these conversations, the output is a better and more qualified discussion.”

Solution Used:

  • Integrated Salesforce
  • Agent-Assisted Dialer

The Solution

To address his needs, Yallech compared different solutions. Michael chose Koncert (formerly, ConnectLeader) because he found the Koncert sales and support team to be very approachable and accommodating to his needs. 

He cited, “It's the people aspect that really differentiates Koncert,” and that “It made a big difference in why we decided to move forward with them.”

Since each salesperson has several thousand leads to go through in their territory, Agent-Assisted Dialer is integrated into Arctic Wolf’s Salesforce CRM. Through Agent-Assisted Dialer, a human agent calls the phone number that appears under the first field for a prospect, then other human agents dial four prospects at a time until one of the targets is reached. The Agent-Assisted Dialer session is then held while the salesperson has their conversation. Agent-Assisted Dialer is also used within a touch process to calculate the number of times a contact was actually attempted for each lead. If a lead is touched ten times without a live conversation, it goes back to marketing for nurturing.

Arctic Wolf uses Agent-Assisted Dialer for 90 minutes a day. Koncert is allowing Yallech’s sales staff to make approximately 150 to 200 during that time period. The amplified calling creates more opportunities for a product demo, proof-of-concept and ultimately, a sale.

“Sales is a numbers game and the ability to have this many conversations in an hour is unprecedented. My sales team uses Agent-Assisted Dialer each day to get the meetings they need to meet our pipeline revenue numbers -- and Koncert is delivering as promised.” Yallech added.


The fully-integrated Koncert and Salesforce solution is not only driving more qualified sales leads into the pipeline, but also allowing greater visibility into the entire sales process. Over the course of a quarter, Yallech reviews the books and can now determine exactly what system was used to profile the target, where the source originally came from, and which salesperson closed the deal.

“For us to expect measurable success just having our sales team to hit the phones and start dialing was crazy. We needed some type of sales dialing service integrated with our internal CRM to truly hit our numbers. The cost for Koncert is absolutely justifiable,” Yallech concluded.

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