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DataGravity Customer Success Story

Koncert (formerly, ConnectLeader) proves a lifesaver to DataGravity, enabling them to crush their goals as they accelerate sales and growth.

“My team is crushing their numbers with Koncert.” Liz McKenna, Inside Sales/Channel Manager

In only two years, DataGravity has emerged as a game-changer in data management and cyber security. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire at, appropriately enough, 100 Innovative Way, the company was co-founded by visionaries with an exemplary record for innovation and success.

DataGravity’s Discovery Series transforms traditional approaches to storage, sensitive data management, and governance. It was heralded as “a bold proposition, one of the most ambitious and intriguing we’ve seen in the storage space” by 451 Research.

So it made sense that this up-to-the-millisecond intelligence security specialist would team up with best-in-class Koncert, which has B2B sales acceleration tools that enable clients to delegate nonproductive activities—i.e., dialing phone numbers—and rule the sales space.

Now, DataGravity, an award-winning company, is crushing the competition when it comes to sales acceleration, by boosting its outreach to potential clients.

DataGravity uses Koncert for everything from prospecting, and lead generation and qualification, to recruiting and account management. Because it integrates “seamlessly” with Salesforce, even capturing call notes is a breeze.

“Koncert will help my inside sales team grow,” McKenna said. “We’ll be able to train new employees a lot faster and more efficiently, and we’ll be able to train our partners that much faster and that much more efficiently.”

“Prior to Koncert, my team was making dials all day long and possibly having one or two conversations, maybe booking one meeting,” Liz McKenna, Channel Manager at DataGravity, said. “Now we use Koncert to make 200 dials and have 15 conversations in less than two hours. We’re booking 1 to 2 meetings every session.”

DataGravity sales and prospecting pros use Koncert sales dialing solutions to power through calls as a team, booking business at the speed of digital–nailing that competitive edge.

“Koncert is a life saver. It helps my team achieve their goals, it helps me achieve my goals, and it gives me the confidence that I can forecast my meetings and my goals to my boss,” McKenna said.

Jeremy Gentel is a Business Development Representative for DataGravity. He uses Koncert for booking appointments for field sales reps and conducts call blitzes as professional development and branding tools, to train partners.

“It’s a really key time to be able to train the partner on how we message, on how we talk about our product,” he said.

But they can’t do it alone. When they collaborate with partners, they count on Koncert to hook them up and get them up to speed.

“So, what we’ll do,” McKenna said, “is collaborating with our partners. They’ll be on the line, and we can have 12 to 15 conversations, where before it would take us all day to have two conversations.”

“I would recommend Koncert for any business development rep because the whole purpose of a business development rep is to have as many conversations with as many people as possible through the day,” said Gentel. “Koncert makes that possible.”

“We have the greatest tool with Koncert,” McKenna concluded. “It helps us to have so many conversations—no other tool was able to support that. My team is crushing their numbers with Koncert.”

Discover how DataGravity’s team of visionaries and cyber-space heroes in storage, virtualization, data management, and analytics can make your business safer and more secure.

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