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FMSI Customer Success Story

Executive Summary

When banks and credit unions want to improve their branch operations, lower costs, and operate more efficiently, they turn to Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI) of Alpharetta, Georgia. FMSI develops business intelligence systems for retail banks and credit unions. When FMSI needed to increase their lead generation flow and reduce their appointment setting costs, they selected the Agent-Assisted Dialer Live Conversation Automation (LCA) solution.

Finding the Right Telemarketing Rep to Generate High-Quality Leads

Chad Davis, VP of Marketing at FMSI, oversees their marketing and lead generation activities, including the telemarketing department. Davis often struggled with hiring and retaining dependable telemarketing reps and needed to improve the number of quality leads his group was generating for the sales team.

“We have generally relied on our telemarketers to secure appointments,” explained Davis. “Historically, we’ve had real challenges finding talented telemarketers. We currently have one (telemarketer) who is in a perfect situation. This person has a college degree, previous sales experience, wants the flexibility of a part-time telemarketing job, but no longer wants that full time sales job.”

Conversations with Senior Executives Produced Best Sales Results

Davis also explained how they struggled with generating quality leads.

“When we don’t have the right person on the phone, as far as position and responsibility, the call tends to go nowhere and without any future call scheduled. We really see a huge difference when we get senior level people on the phone compared to mid-level managers.”

Leveraging Technology to Improve Lead Generation Performance

Davis learned about outbound calling solutions and contacted Koncert (formerly, ConnectLeader) about their Agent-Assisted Dialer product. Agent-Assisted Dialer combines auto-dialing software with a team of live calling agents.

“We were looking for more quality ways to get more touches to our prospects,” said Davis. “Koncert seemed a great way to allow us to leverage technology in order to enhance our telemarketing calls. Most importantly, we were able to multiply them, so we are making a lot more calls to a lot more prospects.”

Outbound Calling Automation Reduces Non-Productive Calling Time

Senraj Soundar, CEO for Koncert explained how the Agent-Assisted Dialer solution can provide B2B sales teams with between 150 and 200 dials per hour. We combine a state-of-the-art cloud-based software solution with a team of highly trained dialing agents. These agents know how to navigate voicemail systems and can negotiate with gatekeepers. Most clients will conduct 8 to 12 conversations in that same hour calling session.”

Koncert Helps FMSI Reduce Cost per Appointment

“We have a standing goal for our telemarketing rep to get three appointments per week,” explained Davis. “Our rep crushed that this year with Koncert, usually getting 5 to 8 appointments per week.” Davis continued to explain, “We’re at the same number of appointments as last year, but we had three telemarketers making calls. The cost of the three telemarketers was more than the cost of our part-time rep’s salary and benefits plus the cost of Koncert. So, our cost per appointment has gone down, which is great.”

Davis learned they were able to implement the Agent-Assisted Dialer solution without making any changes to their current sales process.

“The process has stayed the same. Our telemarketer tries to call people and secure a 30-minute discussion with one of our sales reps. “Koncert helps us make a lot more of those calls and leave a lot more voice mails.”

About Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI)

Located in Atlanta, GA and established in 1990, FMSI provides easy-to-use, yet sophisticated, business intelligence systems—The Teller Management System™ (TMS), The ContactCenter Management System™ (CMS), and the Lobby Tracking System™ (LTS)—that allow financial institutions to manage and staff to meet their service and sales needs. FMSI’s applications give banks and credit unions the ability to manage staff through easy-to-read color graphics, online interactive dashboards, and succinct management reports like workforce utilization charts. FMSI provides performance management information exclusively to financial institutions of all sizes, including a comparative data benchmarking report that allows clients to see where they rank amongst their industry peers.

Visit the company’s website at www.fmsi.com.

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