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CardTapp Customer Success Story

CardTapp’s mission and vision are to revolutionize how referrals and connections happen by providing the world’s leading Mobile Client Acquisition solution and help their members build powerful referral networks, generate better leads, and grow their businesses.

The Challenge

To sell their services, the company uses a 20-person, outbound calling sales team to reach prospects and fill the pipeline with qualified leads from mortgage, real estate, insurance, and other small business owners.

To optimize the calling team’s efforts, CardTapp relies on dialing software and most importantly--the use of local-based caller ids. But finding the right dialing software that delivered on promises and did not require a lengthy learning curve, proved difficult to find.

The company found that well-known offerings typically contain power dialing features that enable lists to be uploaded from Salesforce.com but do not synchronize correctly with records. This shortcoming set CardTapp’s calling team back; they were dialing the wrong customer phone numbers associated with the Salesforce records viewed.

“Several dialing software solutions we tried offered many bells and whistles, but they weren’t reliable,” said Chris Samms, Sales Manager, CardTapp. “In addition, we had to dial from personal cell phones which gave us limited capabilities and prohibited us from seamlessly doing our job. We needed to find a solution that would be simpler to use while offering the necessary functionality and integration with other internal systems.”

Some applications offered complicated analytics programs that were virtually impossible to decipher by our sales team members. Samms explains further, “We are a transactional sales organization and need our sales representatives to focus on the task of making multiple quality calls each hour throughout the day. Using a complicated system that runs off of a broad analytics program prevents us from being agile. We need something that fits into our business versus trying to fit our business into a selected dialing application.”

Samms sat through various company demos and found that each organization offered the same type of niche product. But for Samms, he wanted a direct dialing solution that allowed his sales team to click on a number in Salesforce, connect with the correct customer, add notes, and instantly move onto the next prospect.

The Solution

CardTapp found the ideal solution with the Koncert (formerly, ConnectLeader) Click Dialer solution. Click Dialer is an award-winning, click-to-call software solution that resides within Salesforce. The offering allows users to simply click and dial any listed phone number, take notes, then instantly move to the next prospect.

“Koncert truly understood our challenge,” Samms commented. “For my sales team, I needed a simple dialer product that would allow us to operate in a seamless fashion and wouldn’t cause constant interruptions to our business.”

Adopting new software and internal processes is often frustrating and can cause disruption. When CardTapp installed Click Dialer, Samms’ team found it simple and knew how to operate it within 24 hours. With prior solutions tested, the company went through months of implementation and training just to get a clear understanding of the basic functions.

Click Dialer also gave CardTapp the option of using local area codes for the sales teams’ dialing needs. Without the use of local calling numbers, answering rates are approximately 20% versus 70% when prospects see a call coming from within their area code.

The “Hidden” Benefit

Using Click Dialer, CardTapp has adopted a new, highly successful process for onboarding new sales reps. After-sales training was completed, new recruits were able to simply open up Salesforce and dial the numbers instantly, without confusion or complicated features to master.

“Our new sales reps just jump right in and focus on the task at hand. Their learning curve is significantly decreased, and they can immediately focus on selling. Click Dialer brought instant productivity to our new sales representatives,” Samms said.

Samms also notes Koncert’s support team for immediately addressing any issues he or his staff have. The company identifies him personally and resolves issues that “previously needed to be corrected on CardTapp’s end,” Samms added.

Other calling solutions on the market distract the buyer with features and functionality that are often difficult to implement and fail to deliver on promises. CardTapp needed a simple, but elegant dialing system that worked as promoted--without prolonging the training process. The company found an answer to its dialing distress with Koncert’s Click Dialer solution.

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