ConnectLeader helps Envision Technology Advisors improve sales efficiency by an 8-to-1 factor. (Video)

“Our future is absolutely brighter because of ConnectLeader. That tool is doing more for us than any other tool that I’ve ever put in place.” Todd Knapp, CEO, Envision Technology Advisors

Envision Technology Advisors offers best-in-class technology services for businesses and organizations of all sizes. They know technology and understand the value technology can provide a business when properly implemented.

Todd Knapp, CEO and Co-founder of Envision needed a solution to help his inside sales team deal with an ever growing flow of inquiries from their customers and new business prospects. Todd discovered ConnectLeader and when he first heard about the sales productivity gains their customers were realizing, he didn’t totally believed it. So he continued researching. But after looking at a number of different sales dialing solutions, Todd came back to ConnectLeader because he found that they were both unique and integrated with

Once Envision started using ConnectLeader, they found out there were other benefits. Envision provides data visualization and storage services so they resell equipment from Dell, Cisco, VMWare and others. Envision was able to receive a 30% increase in MDF from Dell because he was able to spell out a structured process using ConnectLeader.

“Dell is one of our key partners,” explains Knapp. ” The company you’re working with wants to know you’re spending money the right way. Our MDF with Dell increased 30% because of ConnectLeader. This happened because I went to them and said I want marketing funds. They said what are you going to use it for and I was able to point to a definitive and meaningful process that they were excited about. Very excited.”

Knapp also credits ConnectLeader with a major increase in his inside sales productivity. His team was able to use ConnectLeader as the centerpiece for creating a structured selling process.

“You can put a rep on the phone and have them dial 100 people, they’re going to spend a day getting that done, said Knapp. “Or you can put that same rep on the phone and have ConnectLeader dial that same 100 people and get it all done in an hour. I’m picking up an 8-to-1 efficiency gain.”

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Envision Technology Advisors offers best in class technology solutions delivered by the best people in the industry. In addition to cloud and managed services, we specialize in both desktop and data center virtualization, as well as assessments of existing virtual environments. Other integrated solutions include wireless infrastructure and design, network consulting, and web site design and development.With two offices – one just outside of Providence, RI and the other a few miles from Downtown Boston, Envision is one of New England’s most comprehensive, business oriented technology companies.Envision has been named a “Best Place to Work” for the past 7 years – a testament to the wonderful people of Envision who have helped us establish a company culture like no other.Learn more at