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Dialers Are Necessary Now

Power dialing using AI technology, in an affordable Saas platform, is now available, even for smaller, cost-conscious B2B businesses. Meet and beat your competition as you give your sales reps a day’s worth of calls in just one hour using AI Flow Dialer, or a week’s worth, using AI Parallel Dialer. Access all the analytics you need to power up your team. More calls, more conversations, more meetings and demos, more sales.

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Give your sales reps a day’s worth of dials in just one hour!

Beging Dialing 2@2x

List-Based Parallel Dialing


Across parallel lines or single line, our AI filters through busy tones, fax tones, bad phone numbers, phone trees and voicemails. It detects live answered calls and quickly connects them to sales reps.

Parallel Dialing@2x

Multi-Line and Single-Line Dialer options


Koncert’s AI Parallel Dialer, which is a multi-line dialer will make 200+ calls in a single hour. AI Flow Dialer, allows the rep to “lean back” as numbers are dialed one by one.

Superior AI 3@2x

Superior AI Technology


Koncert’s 10+ years of experience in dialer platform and better AI technology provides a higher grade of accuracy in voicemail recognition, for instance, than any of our competitors. AI aids our performance throughout.

Power Up Your Sales@2x_1

Power Up Your Sales Team


Hundreds of calls per day, no wasted time, your sales reps spend more time selling. Koncert provides built-in organization, bi-directional sync with CRM, and focus on selling over manual tasks.

Parking Lot 2@2x

Parking Lot for Review


Koncert's Smart Platform includes a sophisticated rules engine that will quarantine “uncallable” numbers based on system activity, into a “Parking Lot” of numbers that can be reclassified or eliminated based on your needs.

Visibility Control@2x_1

Visibility & Control


Koncert provides Visibility and Control so a rep can deselect upcoming prospects in real time that might not be right for that session, or schedule a prospect to be called later.

Remote Coach@2x

Remote Coach® Included


Both AI Dialer platforms contain all the functionality of Koncert’s proprietary Remote Coach®: Sales managers can listen in and even coach reps during live calls. Calls are also recorded in the CRM, for later review.

Soc 2 Compliant-c@2x

SOC 2 Certified, Data Privacy Compliant


SOC 2 certification signifies that Koncert has implemented the systems to ensure security, availability, confidentiality, and overall privacy of customer data.


AI Flow Dialer Datasheet

AI Parallel Dialer Datasheet

Real-Time Analytics and Reports

The BEST Reporting options in the industry
No matter your reporting needs, Koncert provides. We offer fully customizable reports as well as many pre-packaged reports and dashboards that we’ve made standard based on our more than 10 years of experience with customer needs. Reports can be viewed live or exported via CSV files or scheduled to receive via email. Access your actionable data any time you need it.

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Circle Integration Logos



CRM Integration

No app is worth it if it’s hard to use or learn. Koncert’s intuitive out-of-the-box user experience means fast on-boarding and building ROI immediately! At the same time, our Bi-directional sync with Salesforce and other leading CRMs keeps data fresh, ensures accurate reporting, and saves time. Koncert is a recommended app on the Salesforce App Exchange, with full native integration.


Caller ID Management

Koncert allows customers to easily purchase and refresh Caller IDs with Caller ID Management. Koncert provides a “Heat Map” to let our customers see potential over-usage and keep from becoming spammers. Koncert has a Twilio integration that can provide new caller IDs with just a couple of clicks. Have your call numbers localized to your prospects’ area codes.

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Dialers Comparison

Not sure which dialer fits your B2B needs? Koncert offers options just right for YOUR workflow!

Click Dialer Flow Dialer Single line Agent-Assisted DialerMulti-line AI Flow DialerSingle line AI Parallel DialerMulti-line





CRMs and Power Dialing
Human Power Dialer
Every call is initiated and navigated by a human, not a robot.
Salesforce CRM (Native Integration)
Native App listed in Salesforce AppExchange.
Hubspot, Outreach, Salesloft Integration
Independent CRM (customization)
Parallel Dialing
Remote Coach®
Listen to what your sales reps are saying on calls at any time, including live calls and recorded calls.
Whisper Mode
Provide coaching tips to your sales rep live remotely during the call.
Calling List Visibility
Visibility into calling sessions and control of live updates of prospect records.
Local Caller IDs
Area Mapped Caller IDs
Map Caller ID(s) to every area code in US.
Heat map on Caller IDs
Live tracking of each Caller ID usage (heat) to maintain Caller ID reputation.
Customizable Call Dispositions
Multi-channel sales engagement through calls, emails, text, video, and social.
Voice Mail Drop
Smart Predictive Analytics
Intelligent sales analytics and machine learning to score and prioritize B2B sales leads.
Real-Time Dashboards & Reports
Busy Work Delegation
Delegate navigation of phonetrees, gatekeepers, and voice mail systems to human dialing agents.
World-Class Customer Support
SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant
Productivity Increase compared to manual dialing

Award Winning Sales Engagement Platform


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