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ConnectLeader Rebrands to Koncert

Salem, NH – April 19, 2021 –ConnectLeader is pleased to announce the latest milestone in their B2B multi-channel sales engagement platform. The company has rebranded to Koncert to reflect the growth of the platform over the last couple of years.

Meet Koncert

While Koncert's core vision is still the same — to help sales teams increase the number of interactions they have each day, along with their revenue — their company and solution have evolved, mostly because they offer more than dialing solutions, which is what ConnectLeader has been known for as a name. 

Sales Engagement is the Core

To Koncert, sales engagement is the underlying component of any sales team’s success. What’s needed to get there is a multi-channel solution that will help a sales team contact potential customers the way they want to be reached: email, phone, text, video, and social.

Koncert leverages multi-channel interactions through Cadence and three dialers: Click Dialer; Flow Dialer; and Agent-Assisted Dialer. But what was missing was contact selection, prioritization, and personalization to reach the right contacts in the CRM at the right time with the right messaging.

To make prospecting more effective, Koncert created a new solution that works “in concert” with the other products in their platform to form a perfect harmony of success.

Meet Coverage

What’s Coverage? It is an AI-driven solution that improves a company’s target market coverage by monitoring their CRM. Coverage does this by identifying the best prospects, and sending targeted, personalized 1-to-1 emails based on relevant events to those prospects according to a company's ICP, Rules of Engagement, and personas.

Coverage takes the part that’s hard — selecting, researching, and writing 1-to-1 personalized messages and continually reaching a large portion of the target market — out of sales reps’ hands, giving them more time to have the conversations that will convert into sales.

Visit the new website at www.koncert.com

About Koncert

Koncert, formerly ConnectLeader, provides a multi-channel Sales Engagement Platform that integrates with leading CRMs to deliver tools for all types of sales roles, and increase sales productivity by up to 800%. The Koncert platform gives sales, lead generation, and marketing teams powerful tools to identify their best B2B prospects, send personalized 1-to-1 messages based on relevant events, sequence communication across multiple channels, and enable accelerated communication.


For more information, contact:
Mary Hart

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