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ConnectLeader Partners With GoldMine to Enhance and Streamline Outbound Sales Calling

New Offering Combines Sales Acceleration Tools with On-Premise or Cloud-Based Contact Manager CRM

SALEM, N.H., Aug. 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ConnectLeader, a leading innovator in B2B sales acceleration technologies, announced today its GoldMine partnership. Under the new agreement, ConnectLeader will integrate their award-winning sales acceleration offering with GoldMine’s relationship management solutions, to form a best-of-breed platform to track all contact, lead, and activities information while shortening sales cycles.

GoldMine is a leading provider of relationship management solutions with over 1 million users and managing over 1 billion relationships--making the company’s solution one of the most widely used relationship management technologies in the world. ConnectLeader’s offering will become a part of GoldMine’s Premium Integrated Solutions program, to form a comprehensive sales tool for activity tracking, complete data viewing and in-depth reporting.

“ConnectLeader’s integration with GoldMine greatly accelerates the sales process by enabling reps to spend more time conducting conversations and building relationships rather than searching for contact information and navigating through gatekeepers and voicemail,” said Paul Petersen, Vice President and General Manager of GoldMine.

ConnectLeader’s award-winning intelligent sales acceleration platform does not require any integration with the end user’s PBX or other phone service and is immediately ready to use by offering the following sales productivity and functionality tools:

  1. Click Dialer® - Click-to-call software that allows users to simply click and dial any phone number, take notes, leave a voice message, and quickly move onto the next prospect.
  2. Personal Dialer® - Sales dialing software that expands the Click Dialer features to allow users to seamlessly dial using a patented visibility and control capability while power dialing—improving sales productivity from 30% to 100% compared to manual dialing.
  3. Team Dialer® - An agent-assisted dialing solution that takes sales dialing to the next level by allowing a group of human agents to make 125-150 dials per hour while filtering through non-productive dialing activities such as navigating voice mail systems, dealing with gatekeepers and leaving voice messages. Using Team Dialer, sales representatives are able to engage in 8 to 12 live conversations per hour with decision makers. This product improves sales productivity by up to 800% compared to manual dialing.

These options are fully integrated with GoldMine lists to automatically synchronize important call codes and notes.

“Tightly integrating best-of-bread sales tools removes the additional steps to navigate between platforms, giving reps more time to be productive with their outreach,” said Jim Lochry, Senior VP of Corporate Development, ConnectLeader. “We are proud to be included within GoldMine’s Premium Integrated Solutions program and look forward to future ConnectLeader product integrations.”

To learn how you can leverage ConnectLeader’s data intelligence and calling solutions to improve sales productivity, call 800.955.5040 or email info@connectleader.com.

About ConnectLeader
ConnectLeader provides sales acceleration technologies for all types of sales roles to increase their top line revenue through accelerated communication, reduced costs and optimized marketing resources to be more efficient. The ConnectLeader® Intelligent Sales Acceleration platform gives sales and marketing teams powerful tools to identify and engage high-quality sales prospects and includes sales connectivity optimization solutions for all types of sales and business development teams. This innovative cloud-based technology is built on the ConnectLeader Adaptilytics® data intelligence engine which identifies and prioritizes outbound calling lists ensuring your best leads are contacted first. To learn more about ConnectLeader’s innovation for B2B sales acceleration, visit http://www.connectleader.com.

ConnectLeader and its product names are trademarks of ConnectLeader LLC. GoldMine is a registered trademark of HEAT Software USA Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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