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Improves Outbound Prospecting Results with Big Data Analytics.

Salem, NH — April 7, 2016 — ConnectLeader®, a leading innovator of technology used by B2B sales reps to accelerate the sales process, announced today the availability of Adaptilytics™. Adaptilytics is a predictive intelligence engine that analyzes, prioritizes, and scores prospecting lists. Adaptilytics further improves outbound prospecting results by enabling users to customize the prediction algorithm based on a prospect’s installed technology, intent to buy, contact data and best time to reach.

Today’s B2B outbound sales process is significantly hampered by a lack of qualified buyer personas. Typical marketing automation and CRM systems segment lists based on firmographic data only (company size, geography, revenue, etc.) however, they lack the insight into a prospect’s specific needs as well as whether a particular offering will integrate into the target’s existing technology base. Exacerbating this situation, companies often purchase calling lists with outdated contact information and no direct phone numbers. Adaptilytics solves these issues with its predictive intelligence engine and Big Data analytics.

“Adaptilytics is like using a metal detector, it instantly pin-points the best opportunities from thousands of prospects in our database by analyzing characteristics such as technology deployed, organization details, and specific product interest,” Gary Hudiburgh, Business Development Representative Team Manager, Salsa Labs. “This accurate information helps us prioritize our lead scoring to get noticeable results fast.”

Adaptilytics improves the outbound prospecting process by using the intelligence gathered from billions of data points to score and prioritize the best prospects. The dynamic ability of the data engine constantly adjusts lead scores to reprioritize prospecting lists based on 5 critical data insights:

  • Preferred Technology Installed
  • Intent to Buy Activities
  • Availability of Direct Dial Numbers
  • Data Integrity (new and complete information validated)
  • Best Time to Call

“I’m impressed with the science that goes behind Adaptilytics,” said Jeff Hendricks, Business Development Representative, Vorsight BP. “The Adaptilytics lead scoring process and contactability function has greatly improved our team’s efficiency for reaching out to new prospects. This process has resulted in an increase in our pick-up rates, more conversations, and ultimately better quality leads.”

Adaptilytics is fully integrated with ConnectLeader’s Team Dialer® and Personal Dialer®  to accelerate the calling process.

  • Personal Dialer is a cloud-based sales dialing solution that automates the process of making outbound prospecting calls.
  • Team Dialer is an agent-assisted sales acceleration solution that improves top-line revenue generation and shorten the sales cycle. The patented technology allows sales reps to improve calling efforts with complete visibility and control of the dialing process.

“The majority of an outbound callers’ prospecting time is wasted on manually dialing incorrect numbers, in an attempt to reach contacts–if they are still with the company–only to ask annoying profiling questions,” said Senraj Soundar, Founder and CEO, ConnectLeader. “Adaptilytics addresses this long-standing issue by prioritizing prospects using the most relevant and accurate contact data in an easy-to-use format. This process helps increase the number of meaningful sales conversations as well as improves the number of qualified leads entering the pipeline.”

Adaptilytics is currently available. To learn how ConnectLeader sales acceleration software products can help your company improve sales productivity by 300% to 800%, email us at info@connectleader.com, call us at 800.955.5040 or schedule a demo online.

About ConnectLeader

ConnectLeader provides sales acceleration technology to help businesses increase their top line revenue through elevated sales interaction, reduced costs and optimized marketing resources to be more efficient. The ConnectLeader® Intelligent Sales Acceleration platform gives sales and marketing teams powerful tools to identify and engage high-quality sales prospects and includes sales connectivity optimization solutions for all types of sales and business development teams. This innovative cloud-based technology is built on the ConnectLeader Adaptilytics™ data intelligence engine which identifies and prioritizes outbound calling lists ensuring your best leads are contacted first. For sales teams that want to enrich and improve CRM sales data ‘on-the-fly’, our Data Genie™ data delivery solution delivers third-party data intelligence directly to  your CRM system. To learn more about ConnectLeader’s innovation for B2B sales acceleration, visit http://www.connectleader.com.

ConnectLeader, Adaptilytics, Team Dialer, Personal Dialer, and Click Dialer are trademarks of ConnectLeader LLC. All rights reserved.

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