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Parallel Dialer Alternatives – Questions Buyers Should Ask AI Dialer Companies

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Koncert is a pioneer in the parallel dialer space.  In the last decade-plus, we have seen it all.  In fact, we like to think we have led the charge in helping sophisticated sales organizations see that 2-3 conversations, per day per rep with 50 dials over several hours is actually pretty dumb.

Here’s the number one thing we have learned in our long history of making millions of dials for thousands of customers.  Adoption is everything.  If you don’t get your SDRs, BDRs and AEs consistently good results, they will abandon cold calling.  They will tell you “cold calling doesn’t work”.  They will be right – it doesn’t work if you don’t actually do it.

At Koncert we are obsessed with user adoption. That means we start by focusing on making sure prospects pick up the phone because if reps can’t expect prospects will pick up the phone, they won’t use any parallel dialer consistently.

One of the ways we make sure prospects pick up the phone is by something we call Automated Local Presence.  Local Presence still works like a charm. Maybe better than ever as prospects are more selective about when they pick up on a call.  While almost everybody says they let most calls go to voicemail, almost everyone seems to still pick up when they think it might be the dentist, daycare, or school calling. 

But even Local Presence won’t work if your prospects' phone says “Spam Likely” when you call them.   As more and more calls are being made to mobile devices avoiding “Spam Likely is crucial.

At Koncert, we work tirelessly to ensure our customers' numbers are not tagged as “Spam Likely”.  Through people, process, and technology we remove or mitigate “Spam Likely” phone numbers so your reps get more “friendly connects”.  Want an “unfriendly connect”? Just call with your number saying “Spam Likely” and see what happens. 😉

Our tech does everything that is in our control to “proactively” track usage of caller id and prevent it from going bad. However, that is not enough because if a bad actor in the world uses your caller id for making a lot of calls your caller id will go bad. So, we scan your caller ID every 24 to 48 hours and see how it appears in real iPhone and Android phones connected to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Any caller ID goes bad will be automatically flagged for remediation, as part of our managed service. You don’t have to do anything and just focus on selling!

OK, so we ensure more prospects pick up because of our clean, automated local numbers but our job doesn’t end there.  We think it is absolutely vital to avoid lag and delays that can tank a cold call before it ever begins.

With our Quick Connect technology, we embed our own phone tech and AI in one network to provide ultra-low latency so the call feels like a “normal call” for both the prospect and the SDR, BDR, or Account Executive.  With other providers, their application needs to run all over the internet as it talks to other telco providers like Vonage or Twilio before connecting a call. That just doesn’t make sense to us. For us, every millisecond matters because giving the rep and prospect a great experience is paramount.

So, we are able to get more prospects to pick up and we are able to connect calls fast without significant delay. We can do all of this by dialing 4 lines at a time or one at a time but we allow the rep to choose the speed that is right for them.  For instance, our AI single line dialer might make sense for important follow-up calls or inbound response.  Whereas, our AI multi-line dialer probably makes sense for calling bigger target lists.

Before we get to questions buyers should ask parallel dialer companies, there’s one more thing that makes Koncert really special to our customers.

Our Customer Success (CS) team knows adoption is everything.

We don’t believe in perfunctory CS calls where we just skim the surface.  On or off CS calls, our Customer Success team is always working hard to help managers and users get the most of our AI Parallel Dialer platform.  Our powerful Analytics help our CS team pinpoint immediate problems and opportunities for growth so reps are successful and actually want to use our dialers.

Questions Buyer Should Ask AI Dialer Companies

✔️What is your Local Caller ID Strategy?
✔️Are you able to automate the prevention of Spam Likely tagged calls?
✔️How do you minimize connected call delays?
✔️How long has your company been providing parallel dialing services?
✔️Does your parallel dialer integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, Salesloft, and Apollo?
✔️Is your company an official partner of Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, Salesloft, and Apollo?
✔️Do you offer a Remote Sales Floor where reps can connect and sell together?
✔️Do you offer recorded calls?
✔️Can users access recorded calls via a link to your Sales Engagement Platform or CRM?
✔️Do you have an integration with Gong?
✔️Do you have your own Cadence software?
✔️Does your Parallel Dialer offer a quarantine or parking lot to ensure bad numbers are not called over and over again?
✔️Does your parallel dialer avoid Call Blasting?  (Call Blasting is calling all of a contact’s phones at the exact same second. Most prospects don’t love that.)
✔️Does your parallel dialer company offer ongoing Customer Success?
✔️Do Manager Licenses Cost Extra?

We understand we are not the only game in town and are always happy to compete with other dialing companies.  Ultimately, we rely on our free trial to show we connect calls more frequently and more quickly than our competitors.  With that said, here’s a list of other dialer companies.

You will notice some companies offer parallel dialing as a feature while others like Koncert are built from the ground up as a parallel dialer to maximize the frequency and quality of connects.

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Parallel Dialer Company Alternatives

👉ConnectAndSell, Inc  - Based in Los Gatos, CA  https://connectandsell.com/ 

From Connect and Sell’s website, “Not an Autodialer.  Technology that Gets Your Best Sales People 8-10x More Live Conversations with Qualified Prospects, Every Day.”

👉Monster Connect  - Based in Indianapolis, IN https://monsterconnect.com/  

From Monster Connect’s website “MonsterConnect accelerates lead generation for B2B sales organizations through a consistent stream of live phone connections with decision-making prospects.”

👉Elto – Based in San Francisco, CA https://www.elto.ai/  

From Elto’s website “Elto is the most seamless and advanced AI-powered parallel dialer on the market. Elto's AI can dial multiple numbers in parallel, detect human pickups, and patch reps into live conversations...”

👉Kixie –  Based in Santa Monica, CA  https://www.kixie.com/ 

From Kixie’s website  “multi-line PowerDialer, ConnectionBoost local presence, bi-directional CRM integration, and other advanced features to get your team more connections in fewer dials.”

👉Orum – Remote HQ. https://www.orum.com/ 

From Orum’s website “Orum is the AI-powered Live Conversation Platform to supercharge sales”

👉Nooks - Based in San Francisco, CA https://www.nooks.ai/

From Nooks’ website “Boost sales pipeline today with our AI dialing platform.”

👉Salesfinity – Based in San Francisco, CA  https://salesfinity.ai/

From Salesfinity website “Automate manual dialing with a smart parallel dialer while avoiding bad numbers and VMs.”

👉Klenty - Palo Alto, CA  https://www.klenty.com/  

From Klenty’s website “Parallel Dialer lets you call 5 prospects at the same time.”

👉Koncert wins when customers take advantage of our free trial👇 and compare us against the competition.  We just ask that you “try us last”. 😊👇

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