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Inbound Marketing: Content is King & Outbound Marketing: Conversation is a Deity

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For the last five years, inbound marketing has been in the limelight because it's aligned with the “Content is King” theory. Operating as part of a CRM system/process, inbound marketing delivers a valuable and steady stream of information to prospects in order to monitor engagement and predict the most opportune time to call.

But what happens when the inbound marketing lead has moved onto another company or no longer has the responsibility to purchase your product or services? What if the company recently experienced a situation where your particular service would have a positive and helpful impact, but the lead can’t find your phone number to contact you? This is why salespeople must perform outbound dialing to have repeated conversations and build a relationship with the prospect.

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Outbound marketing is the finger on the pulse of any organization’s lead development, and augments inbound systems with real-time information needed to close deals faster. Inbound marketing and outbound calls need to work together because inbound is just not efficient enough. There is always a need for relationship building--and outbound dialing is the only means to establish a true relationship.

Outbound marketing solutions have evolved to address every level of sales pipeline management, with automated features that optimize the entire calling process--to the extent that one salesperson can now accomplish the hourly output of 4 to 8 salespersons. Gone are the days of smile and dial. In the same manner that step-by-step, drip marketing campaigns bring leads through a series of content touches, today's outbound calling augments sales CRM systems by intelligently prioritizing, optimizing and pinpointing the best times to conduct one-on-one conversations. Here are today’s tools that address every level of the sales funnel--at the correct moment in time:

  1. Click Dialer - Click-to-call software residing within Salesforce.com that allows users to simply click and dial any phone number, take notes, leave a voice message, send email, and quickly move onto the next prospect.
  2. Personal Dialer -  Sales dialing software that expands the Click Dialer features to allow users to seamlessly dial using a patented visibility and control capability while dialing—improving sales productivity from 30% to 100% compared to manual dialing.
  3. Team Dialer - An agent-assisted dialing solution that takes sales dialing to the next level by allowing a group of human agents to make 125-150 dials per hour while filtering through non-productive dialing activities such as navigating voice mail systems, dealing with gatekeepers and leaving voice messages. Using Team Dialer, sales representatives are able to engage in 8 to 12 live conversations per hour with decision makers.
  4. Adaptilytics - A predictive intelligence engine that analyzes, prioritizes, and scores prospecting lists. This offering further improves outbound prospecting results by enabling users to customize the prediction algorithm based on a prospect’s installed technology, intent to buy, contact data and best time to reach.

Listen to Kim Davis from DMN, as he sits down with Jim Lochry, SVP for Corporate Development at ConnectLeader, and discusses the enduring importance of outbound marketing and customers’ continuing need to hear a human voice to close the deal.

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