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20 Remarkable Motivational Sales Tips for Your Team

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As a sales leader, one of your biggest challenges is developing a strategy to keep your sales team constantly motivated and on top of their game. While it seems like a tall task, there are plenty of small steps you can take to provide the boost that they need on a daily basis.

Here are 20 important sales tips to keep your sales organization motivated and efficient:


1. Set Goals Strategically

Working towards a goal is a strong motivator. Goals must require some seriously hard work to be effective, but they also do need to be obtainable. Otherwise, your sales team will just ignore them.

2. Measure Activities

Goals don’t need to solely be placed on results. Occasional strings of bad luck are inevitable. Measure effort-based sales activities, too, and make those goals just as meaningful as the end results.

3. Highlight Autonomy

Giving your sales team autonomy empowers them and encourages them to be the very best that they can. Support their ideas and provide as much freedom as you reasonably can.

4. Reduce Meetings to Minimum

Don’t hold unnecessary meetings. When you do hold them, keep them tight and well-structured. This gives your sales team more time to sell and work as they see fit.

5. Get to Know Them

Throughout your sales organization, not everyone is the same. Each salesperson will be motivated differently. Engaging with them regularly will make them a true part of the team and more willing to go to war for you.

6. Be Appreciative

Praise goes a very long way to motivate a sales team. Pull people aside to offer specific compliments. Whenever possible, publicly praise your team for a job well-done.

7. Make Them Believe

One of the best sales tips is to believe in what you sell. As the sale team’s leader, it’s your job to make sure your team understands why your product is so extraordinary and how to pitch it.

8. Always Be Ready to Help

It’s frustrating and discouraging when leadership isn’t able or willing to support sales staff. Going the extra mile to lend a hand gives your team the confidence to keep at it when things get tough.

9. Encourage Balance 

Your team doesn’t need to be B2B sales prospecting every minute of every day. A healthy work-life balance keeps salespeople rejuvenated and motivated to put their best foot forward.

10. Jump in the Trenches

People are more willing to work alongside a leader than underneath them. Do some outbound calling once in a blue moon to prove how important it is.


11. Quash Negativity

Nothing destroys motivation quicker than negative energy. Address anything causing distress immediately. Talk to employees who are negative to understand them and resolve their issues quickly.

12. Put Plans on Paper

Your sales team needs direction in order to perform. Putting the plan in front of them ensures that they stack on-track.

13. Forget About Defeat

All the cold calling tips in the world will help your team avoid rejection. Make sure your team understands that rejection is a natural part of the sales process, something to both celebrate and learn from.

14. Provide Incentives

The very best way to motivate your team? Give them a reason to care! Offer them free lunch or an afternoon off for hitting their goals. Try different rewards and see what works the best.

15. Be Transparent 

Nothing kills team morale like a dishonest boss. Don’t be one. Earn the trust of your team by being straightforward with them at all times. They’ll reward you with their respect and hard work.

16. Bring in Help

You don’t have to motivate your team by yourself. Ask your top salesperson for advice or bring in a successful contemporary.

17. Offer Resources

Share useful sales articles, books, or even podcasts with your team. If it sticks with even one of them, it’ll be worth the effort.

18. Ask About Motivation

Don’t be shy to get right to the heart of the matter. Sit down with successful sales team members and ask what motivates them.

19. Develop Career Paths

Everyone’s professional goals are different. Understand what each of your salespeople wants from their job and help develop a reasonable path to obtain it. With their personal goals in reach, they’ll be much more motivated on a daily basis.

20. Provide the Right Tools

The best way to motivate your sales team to perform is by giving them the tools they need. This makes them more efficient and shows that the company is willing and able to invest in their success.

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