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Why Your Sales Reps Need a Better Sales Engagement Platform

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Businesses are investing serious time and money in the implementation and tracking of sales engagement platforms (SEPs). These SEPs allow companies to communicate with their audiences more effectively and ultimately drive more sales. Technology, of course, is at the heart of this revolution.

If your B2B sales team doesn’t have the right sales engagement technology supporting their efforts, they won’t achieve the desired results. 

Here are four important reasons you must implement top-notch sales engagement solutions. 

1. Integrated Gamification

There’s no debating that sales gamification gets results. The right sales engagement software will support your efforts by tracking metrics and automatically updating built-in leaderboards. You’ll get all the benefits without having to manually track anything.

2. Manages Cadence

Developing the right cadence for prospects in all locations of your sales funnel is critical. If you reach out to them too often, you’ll turn them off. If you don’t reach out often enough, however, they may forget about you entirely.

It's also important to understand the power of multiple touchpoints. Depending on your prospects, you'll want to reach out to them in a multi-channel manner via email, phone, social media, video, text, and more. The right sales engagement software will help you sift through your data to understand when and where to deliver messages with the proper cadence.

3. Cleaning Data

Bad data costs businesses an estimated $3 trillion every single year. Great sales engagement solutions will be able to analyze and update your data automatically, checking against a dynamic professional database.

4. Lead Scoring

Not all leads are worth your time. You need sales engagement technology that automatically sorts and scores your leads on factors that make sense for your business. This ensures that your sales reps are spending their time as efficiently as they possibly can.

It’s clear that getting the right sales engagement platform matters. For more information on how Koncert can help you improve your sales engagement efforts with our wide variety of powerful tools and platforms, make sure to reach out to us by calling 800-955-5040 or simply clicking here



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