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6 Subject Line Tips to Make Your Cold Emails Stand Out

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Picture your email inbox right now. I’m guessing that it’s full of B2B or B2C sales emails (depending on if it’s your work or personal email) that are all begging for your attention, hoping they’ll be the one that’s clicked on and makes you want to buy something. So, knowing that, how can a marketer, like yours truly, even hope to be that chosen one? Read on for some tips on how to make your sales engagement email outreach subject lines capture your reader’s interest.

As you’re scrolling down your list of emails, determining what to click on and what to simply delete, each subject line will receive about a half of a second’s attention (if you’re counting Mississippily... aka “One Mississippi, two Mississippi,” etc.) unless you’ve checked all and deleted all without even looking at them.

Half of a second.

You could have the most engaging email around, but without the right subject line, the time and effort you put into crafting that email is all for naught.

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"Subject lines are the prospect's entry to your door. If you get it wrong, it doesn't matter how many emails you send or how amazing your pitch is, because they'll never open it and they'll never see it." says Gaetano DiNardi, Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva.


Here are some tips to create engaging B2B sales email subject lines that command attention and keep your emails safe from being sent straight to the trash box:

  • Make them wonder. A subject line of “Quick question” or “We need to talk” would prompt me to click just to see what that cold email is about. It’s the lure to get your lead intrigued enough to open the email to find out what’s going on. Just make sure that your first line in that email follows up with that question or what the topic for that talk.
  • Show me the money. Does your product or service offer something that’s going to help your prospect do their job better or make their life easier (or both)? Make that the subject line. For example, if your company offers cash back to customers that use their service, please put that in your subject line. Who doesn’t want cash back for something they already have to do? That’s an easy open right there.
  • Time management. Along the same lines as the above, if your product or service is going to save your prospect time, tell them right off the bat with a subject line that says “We’ll save you __ hours of [insert task here]” and then go on in the email copy to talk about just how exactly you’ll do that.
  • Personalize the right way. Yes, you can put the recipient’s first name in the subject line. We all do that, but it needs to be done correctly, which means you need to follow best practices for your lead management system. If your customer relationship management (CRM) system, you’ll wind up with – using myself as an example – subject lines that are addressed to “mehart” or “Mervat” (I have no idea where they got that one from) instead of to “Mary”, and you’ll be remembered for the wrong reasons.
  • Let’s go to the movies. If your sales cadence email includes a video (and it should, since a personalized video can triple email open rates), mention that as the first word in your subject line.
  • Check the details. Along the same lines as the above, if you’re promoting an infographic or checklist, that should be prominent in your email subject line.

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