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Maximize Your CRM System with ABM Best Practices

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Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the hottest trend in B2B selling right now. And it’s the best method for targeting the right leads that result in lucrative sales. For your ABM strategy to work, you need to rely on your CRM and sales team to zero in on the right leads.

That’s easier said than done. The amount of data the most up-to-date artificial intelligence engines can sort and prioritize is mind boggling. Platforms for customer communication are many and still growing. LinkedIn, Faceboook, Twitter, Instagram are the most widely used. But, how do you get the most out of your CRM database? How do you chart a course through this maddening ocean of prospects and contacts?

Angela Ruth, co-founder and marketing director of California-based Due, discovered several ways to make your ABM strategies work with a system such as Salesforce to provide fantastic results.

The following summary of her ideas will help you create the best return on your ABM strategy:

  1. Use a variety of business intelligence and analytics tools to parcel the data coming through the sales pipeline. This helps prioritize accounts that are most likely to convert, giving you the greatest return on investment. Your research should be able to discern who is involved in the account, such as decision makers or influencers.
  2. ABM is about crafting account-specific messaging. To stay in line with that, you should spend time defining personalized messages and campaign content. That data you have on your lead accounts will shape your understanding of their business challenges and pain points. This allows you to create messaging to focus on their unique problems. Leverage this information as part of a bigger message that connects the solution to those challenges with your company.
  3. Address channels such as direct mail, print, and mobile—and be consistent in what you’re saying. Though the medium changes, you are still sending the same message to the same account. Opening yourself up to channels other than digital gives you greater reach and reinforces your message.
  4. Beware of channel restrictions and plan for them. Some countries or regions have specific channel restrictions that may impede your ABM efforts. Map your strategy around these restrictions. Online research will provide reports on what rules are being enforced, and where.
  5. Use technology like Koncert’s suite of tools as a part of your ABM strategy. This will encourage collaboration between sales and marketing, ensuring all efforts provide a unified representation of your brand and the solution you are sharing with these accounts.

These ABM best practices are a great guide toward crafting a successful ABM strategy. Learn more about Koncert’s CRM integrations, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, Salesloft and Gong that give you an advantage in your ABM initiatives.

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