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The Perfect Addition to An Account Based Marketing Strategy: Call Your Customer

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Account based marketing(ABM) strategies are one of the hottest trends in sales and marketing. This strategy usually involves targeted emails, unique website pages, pay-per-click ad campaigns, and social media. But there is one complimentary strategy to ABM that cannot be ignored: calling your prospects.

In an account based marketing strategy, your aim is to create a customized experience based around a prospect’s specific problem. Every form of communication should be a part of your account based marketing strategy. Tell them by phone, email, and display advertising that you understand their pain points and can provide the correct solution.


Here are 4 key ways that outbound calling ensures you an effective ABM strategy:

#1: Share the right message

Talking directly to a prospect allows you to confirm their pain points. You might not always be correct in assuming you know what problems an account is facing. After having an honest conversation, you can tweak your messaging across your ABM strategy so it is tailored to that account. A well-prepared phone call to the right person helps you move the process forward with the message you want to convey.

#2: Create prospect dialogue

Website content, email, and social media are powerful tools to connect you to prospects. But unless your prospect is already aware of your brand, these strategies sometimes get lost in the noise. A conversation creates awareness and complements your digital strategies. It sparks a two-way sharing of information that is priceless in understanding your buyer and their needs. A one-on-one conversation paired with an ABM strategy positions your organization as the thought leader in this space. Be the go-to for their questions about their problem, and keep the conversation going.

#3: Establish a personal connection.

Nothing is more personal than a phone call. Hearing a voice, finding a shared interest, and talking about commonalities in your personal lives help prospects engage with you on a human level. Harvard Business Review even points out that an emotional connection is much more valuable to measure compared to overall customer satisfaction. Develop an emotional connection with your customers by reaching out and discussing their concerns. Make it clear your business is run by actual people and that you care about and understand your prospect’s problem. Phone calls accomplish this faster and to a greater degree than blog posts or emails.

#4: Follow up

Phone calls help set the stage for the "next step" in the sales cycle. Following up is imperative in order to move the process forward and maintain momentum. It's much easier to do this on a phone call with a simple question than in an email. With contact that is less direct, it’s easy to get ignored.

Elevate the results of your account based marketing strategy. Enable your sales team to engage in conversations with customers and maximize your return on investment (ROI). Complete your account based marketing strategy by making cold calling a part of your plan. 

Learn more about ConnectLeader’s solutions and how they complement your ABM plan.

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