Sales, particularly in the B2B space, is a long and meticulous process. Based on your product or service, deal size, and target market, a normal selling cycle will vary from a few weeks to more than a year. That said, any selling initiative, whatever the strategy you have, begins with the same process — prospecting.

Prospecting itself can be a complex process that entails identifying and engaging with the right prospects to generate qualified leads and opportunities. More than 40% of salespeople consider prospecting as the most challenging part of their job. And while prospecting has been considered as an important stage of your sales process, a sales rep has to spend significant time on prospecting. It is where the LinkedIn email finder has a big part to play as we all are aware of the role of LinkedIn in the B2B industry.

Why Do You Need LinkedIn Email Finder

When LinkedIn was first introduced, most execs felt that the concept of letting other professionals connect with them was career suicide. After all, company connections are meant to be ferociously guarded and not publicly exchanged. Although earlier, they ignored a bigger vision of building a globally connected business community, they correctly understood the key values of LinkedIn content and connections. While the content plays a modest function, the true meaning rests with the users themselves. You use LinkedIn to find influencers and prospects where content becomes a secondary part.

However, beyond sending a connection request or leaving an InMail, there is no third option to reach the prospect you found on LinkedIn. This limitation can be frustrating, particularly for salespeople and recruiters. They can visit the LinkedIn profile of a person whom they believe can help close a deal or be the ideal candidate for a job – but they can’t contact them!

So, in the fast-paced and highly-competitive business space, you need a high-velocity prospecting strategy supported by the best sales prospecting tools. This is where a LinkedIn email finder can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Reach Your Prospects Without Spending a Penny

Reaching your prospects by sending a LinkedIn connection was the only way to contact them or send a personalized message. However, it is more like trying your luck in a draw contest. If your prospects don’t accept the connection request, you lose the efforts and time invested in identifying the decision-maker and drafting a convincing message.

However, with LinkedIn email finder, it is a completely different ball game. LinkedIn email finder helps you to get the contact details of any LinkedIn user, whether or not you are connected with them. Through this process, you can visit every LinkedIn profile and not only see their contact information but also export them directly to your CRM. In the example above, once a salesperson has chosen 50 targeted contacts out of their targeted 10 businesses, they will no longer have to rely on InMail alone. What they need to do is access their profile, move their communication to their CRM or marketing automation platform, and execute more successful outreach initiatives. This encourages them to use all types of communications tactics, including, but not limited to, promotional ads, cold calls, or even ABM. So how do you do it?

Now, if you are using RevDriver — the best Free LinkedIn Email Finder, you can quickly relieve these pressure points by simplifying the second and third phases of the prospecting cycle. RevDriver helps you to locate the contact details you need — both direct dial telephone numbers and emails. All you need to do is, visit the LinkedIn profile of your prospect or business, click on the RevDriver chrome extension, and you will see contact information along with technographic and firmographic data.

This way, you can master B2B prospecting without spending a penny as well as you can ensure that you are converting your day into a productive day.

BIO: Jason Hubbard has literally grown up in startups, including helping to grow three top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41 on that list. He now serves as the VP of Partnerships and Alliances for SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data provider that helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth.

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