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Why High Velocity Prospecting IS Strategic

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One of the most common counterpoints our sales reps hear from potential customers is “We’re not interested in working at high velocity because we’re strategic and focused on targeted accounts.” This makes me think that the term “high velocity” may be confusing because high velocity goes hand in hand with strategic selling and prospecting. Read on to learn the definition of “high velocity” and why strategic sales managers who are focused on account-based prospecting SHOULD choose high velocity solutions.

What Does High Velocity Mean?

According to Vocabulary.com, “high velocity” is defined as “operating at high speed”.

That also holds true in our B2B selling and marketing world. When we say that we’re high velocity prospecting, that means that we’re sending out emails to and dialing potential customers at a fast speed, which increases your productivity.

In fact, Nucleus Research discovered that high velocity selling in the case of Salesforce (one of our integration partners) can increase sales outreach volumes by two to four times and increase opportunities by 17 to 20 percent.

So, high velocity increases productivity, but does that mean there’s no thought behind that sales outreach?

Understand the top terms in B2B sales, including a definition of a sales cadence. Read our glossary.

Heck, no! Just the opposite.

By increasing the speed and number of emails and phone calls you’re able to complete in a certain amount of time, high velocity prospecting frees up the time you have to actually do research BEFORE you send out that email or make that dial.

More Time for Research

Let’s look at numbers.

Typically, a sales rep should be making roughly 60 cold calls with/or 3 hours of talk time a day, according to research from Michael Pedone of SalesBuzz.

You should also be sending out between 40 to 60 personalized cold emails each day.

However, with high velocity prospecting, you could be making 100-120 cold call dials in just one hour with sales dialer software, and send out those 40 to 60 personalized cold emails in just one hour as well.

How is this Strategic?

Okay, so you can make more calls and send out more emails per day, but how can they be targeted and personalized?

By eliminating the manual work of dialing (with the help of human agent-assisted dialing) and using proven email templates, you get crucial time back to use to do the research you need before making calls and sending those emails.

That research prep to personalize each dial and email can include:

  • Your company’s Ideal Customer Profile
  • Each prospect’s LinkedIn and Twitter to learn about job changes/promotions and any posts they’ve made about news at their company or pain points
  • Your buyer personas and the pain points each one struggles with most
  • Industries and companies that match ones that buy your solution
  • What content each prospect has interacted with on your site, if any
  • Any LinkedIn connections you have in common with that prospect
  • Who referred you to that prospect, if anyone

As you’re doing that research, jot the information into the notes section for that potential customer in your CRM so you have it to refer to during a call, and can include the information when you’re personalizing each email before you hit “send”.

When you combine targeted, strategic outreach with high velocity, you will have a recipe for prospecting success!

Reach out to us here at ConnectLeader today to learn how you can stay strategic with high velocity and multi-channel outreach through our TruCadence and Team Dialer sales acceleration solutions. Simply click here or give us a call at 800-955-5040.

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